Think Gizmos‎ TG916 Mini Portable Dishwasher Review

Think Gizmos ‎Mini Portable Dishwasher

Think Gizmos Portable Dishwasher with 7.5L Water Tank Interior

Think Gizmos ‎TG916 is a mini portable dishwasher with a 7.5-liter water tank, 5 wash programs + heated drying cycle and touch control panel. It has a solid plastic case and a sleek and modern design and looks nice in white. The average user rating is a 4.4 out of 5 stars by 43 customers at the time of this post release. It was first available on July 15, 2021 and is currently ranked the 26th countertop dishwasher.

White Think Gizmos Mini Dishwasher weighs 32 pounds and measures 17.3 x 16.2 x 16.7 inches without the water tank and 17.9 x 16.2 x 19.3 inches with the water tank. It has the 785-watt power and with the 120V of voltage you can plug it into any standard US power outlets. It comes with a water tank that you just fill it with water and no plumbing is required. This would work well if you’re not keeping it near a water supply and you get the mains adaptors and a drainage hose for emptying the used water into the sink or bucket. 

There is a transparent viewing window at the top for you to follow the dishwashing process. It will fit nicely into your kitchen setup. There are 5 wash cycles with the different times and will be good for washing your dirty dishes, cutlery, pots and pans. These wash cycles are Normal, Quick, Intensive, ECO and Glass and once the cycle is completed the Air Drying will start automatically. It will get rid of even very tough dirt on stain. It is quite easy to operate through the front control panel with the clear buttons and the LCD-backlit display shows the cycle timer, current cleaning program, whether water reservoir is empty or full and the salt level warning. 

The noise level is specified as 58 decibels, which is quite good for a dishwasher. And you can have a conversation near it or watch TV without problems. These mini dishwashers by Think Gizmos are inspected and tested thoroughly for making sure they work properly. And you may notice a bit of water residue when you unbox it because of these tests. The annual energy consumption is estimated to be 170 kilowatts hours per annum. It can save you the trouble ofThink Gizmos Portable Dishwasher with 7.5L Water Tank washing your dishes by hand every day and will save you on water usage as well. The two spray arms rotate 360 degrees and offer a thorough cleaning without any untouched spots. 

It is suitable for use in small apartments, home bars, office kitchens, camper vans, caravans, RVs or anywhere without enough space to set up a full sized dishwasher. It comes with the delay wash timer to start washing the dishes when you want, like when you have the off-peak power rates or when you’re sleeping at night. The Normal cyle is for your daily washing needs and lasts 60 mins, Intensive is for tough dried dirt or stains and lasts 120 mins, ECO mode lasts 145 mins and combines the wash and dry cycle, Quick wash is for the lightly dirty dishes for 35 mins and Glass mode is for your glasses and plastic items that are sensitive to high temperatures and lasts 90 mins. The drying cycle starts automatically and lasts 60mins, circulating the hot air throughout the interior to dry your dishes properly.

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