Tiktun Mini Portable 11lb. Capacity Single Tub Laundry w/Wash and Spin, XPB46-1218 Review

Tiktun Mini Portable 11lb. Capacity Single Tub Laundry

tiktun portable XPB40 washer spinner

Tiktun XPB40-1218A is a mini portable single tub automatic washing machine with an 11-pounds of wet clothes capacity. It would make a nice alternative to taking your clothes to a laundry and paying for getting them washed. It is suitable for use in small apartments, dorm rooms, RVs, camping and anywhere you want to use as long as there is a power outlet nearby. 

White, black and brown Tiktun Washing Machine takes up small space in your bathroom, measuring just 15L x 14W x 26H inches with a weight of 12 pounds. You can also take it on your travels in your mobile home or RV, thanks to its lightweight and compact size. It can also be purchased in blue, white and sky blue, white and dark blue and white and brown. Please check Amazon for the color and twin tub options. 

It is an automatic, powerful electric washer spinner that washes and spin dries quickly and will save you time. You can set the washing (15 minutes) and spinning time (5mins) through the control knobs and you may multitask efficiently. It is a small single tub machine that is great for washing your small items like pillow covers, socks, undies, handkerchiefs, t-shirts etc. Or it may help you avoid cross-infection by washing your undies separately. 

The way it works is you just put your clothes in the tub and fill it with water, adjust the wash timer and let it do the job. You can either use the water inlet or add water manually. Please wait by the washer when filling the tub with water as it will not stop automatically. You can see the contents clearly and monitor the washing and spinning progress through the transparent lid. The mini washer comes with aTiktun Portable XPB40-1218A Mini Single Tub Machine draining tube for draining the dirty water out. But you need to have the washer higher than the hose as it works with gravity.

The overall washing and spinning performance are reported to be quite good with its powerful motor despite its small size. It works quietly during both washing and spinning and it would make a nice alternative to taking your clothes to a laundry and paying for getting them washed. You can plug it into a regular 110V power outlet. The warranty offered is 6 months by the manufacturer and you can contact the customer service through your Amazon.com order page or their email address. October 14, 2021 is the date this mini washer was first available at Amazon.com and is currently ranked among the top 100 best selling mini washing machines. 

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