TOPZEE Masticating, Slow Cold Press Juicer with Feed Chute & 24oz Juice Cup Review

TOPZEE Masticating, Slow Cold Press Juicer with Feed Chute & 24oz Juice Cup

TOPZEE Masticating Juicer Machines, Powerful Slow Cold Press Juicer with Feed Chute

Among juicers, the TOPZEE Masticating Juicer Machine is unique in that it can extract superior-quality juice from both fruits and vegetables. With a rating of 4.9 stars, this strong, slow-press juicer has attracted positive feedback due to its great performance and ease of use. Now let’s take a look at its main features and specs, to see if it would be a good purchase for you.

Design and Build

The juicer is sleek and grey in appearance, taking up only 5.5″ of depth, 5.5″ of width, and 15.35″ in height. It is lightweight and manageable at 6.01 pounds. It is made of premium Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic, which ensures life and durability. Its slender and tall design guarantees that it takes up minimal space and fits nicely on kitchen worktops. To ensure safe operation, the design incorporates elements such as a bladeless spiral auger that enhances stability and produces smoother, more pure, and better-tasting juice.


The TOPZEE Masticating Juicer carefully extracts and separates fruit pulp while maintaining optimal nutrient retention by running at a low speed of 65 RPM. Produce ranging from leafy greens like celery to tough veggies like carrots and beets is handled with efficiency by the 150-watt motor. Juice is healthier and fresher because of the slower mastication process, which also produces a larger yield of juice with less oxidation. Its capacity to extract more juice while leaving very dry pulp—an indication of excellent efficiency—has been praised by users.

Quiet Operation and Ease of Use

One of the most praised features is its quiet operation. Unlike many noisy juicers, the TOPZEE operates silently, making it ideal for early morning or late-night juicing without disturbing others. This is a significant advantage for households where noise levels are a concern. The juicer is designed to be user-friendly, with clear instructions provided in both a user manual and a quick assembly guide. Users have found it straightforward to assemble and disassemble, which is crucial for regular use. The detachable bidirectional filter enhances the juice extraction rate and simplifies the cleaning process.

Cleaning and Safety 

The TOPZEE Masticating Juicer is easy to clean. A cleaning brush is included to assist with any remaining pulp, and its removable parts are safe to put in the dishwasher. As a result, washing up after juicing is quick and simple, which encourages frequent use without the fear of time-consuming cleaning sessions. The juicer has a reverse feature to deal with obstructions that arise while juicing. To ensure smooth functioning, just flip the reverse button to clear any clogs. Furthermore, the motor is kept from overheating by the overheat protection mechanism, which provides an additional degree of security during extended operation.

Customer Feedback

TOPZEE Masticating Juicer Machines, Powerful Slow Cold Press Juicer

The juicer’s excellent quality and efficiency have been widely praised by users. The machine’s capacity to extract the most juice while leaving behind very dry pulp is highlighted in many reviews. Users are getting the most out of their fruits and veggies because to its great efficiency, which also guarantees better juice yield. Another major benefit of the juicer is its silent operation. As many customers have noted, it makes it convenient to juice anytime of the day without disturbing others.

Although there are many good things about it, some users have identified a few things that may be done better. The most frequent complaint is about the feed chute’s tiny size, which necessitates chopping fruits and veggies into smaller pieces before juicing. This extra prep work can take some time, especially when compared to juicers that have bigger chutes. Even said, those who brought up this flaw believed that the TOPZEE juicer’s overall advantages and functionality greatly surpassed this small annoyance. Easy assembling and cleaning were often mentioned as compensatory elements that added to the overall enjoyment of the juicing process.


Because of its long masticating process, the TOPZEE Masticating Juicer Machine excels at producing high-quality, nutrient-rich juice. With features like a detachable bidirectional filter for simple cleaning and a reverse function to remove obstructions, its design puts the needs of the user first. It’s a flexible addition to any kitchen because of its quiet operation, which guarantees that you can juice whenever you want without bothering others.

The machine’s worth is further highlighted by its capacity to handle a wide range of produce, including leafy greens and difficult vegetables. Although there are a couple of minor issues, including having to chop produce into smaller pieces because of the narrow feed chute, they are usually viewed as little trade-offs in exchange for the advantages. Many users have praised the juicer for its excellent yield, nutrient retention, and convenience of use, and the overall user experience has remained quite good. The TOPZEE Masticating Juicer is a great option that is reasonably priced for people who appreciate juice quality and nutrient preservation.

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