VIRREA Oak Round Rotating Wood Coffee Table with 3 Layers Review

Virrea Oak Round Rotating Wood Coffee Table

VIRREA Oak Round Rotating Wood Coffee Table with three Layers

Virrea Oak Round Coffee Table has a very modern rotating design with three layers for your living room or anywhere you may want to use in your house. It has a flawless, contemporary, stylish and sleek style and should not look out of space with any type of room decor and will, in fact, enhance the appearance of whole space instantly with its beautiful lines.

Virrea coffee table is rotatable, practical and multi-functional and can be wiped and cleaned easily, and as it is made of MDF material with the oak finish it is friendly to the environment. It is shipped totally assembled so there will be no assembly work required, measures 27.6 x 20.9 x 11.4 inches as assembled and with its 11.4-inch height, it may be great when you sit on the floor and eat your meal on this. It is basically a gray coffee table with black lines and with its rotating top and the middle section on top of the fixed base you can use it as a place to put your drinks or other items. It offers you quite a bit of practicality as the unit can slide the two layers easily to create yourself more space to put your stuff on or slide them back in when you do not need them. And the way you can rotate both the top and middle parts to the left or right will give you more space and if you are short on space in your living room you can adjust your space easily with this great swivel option.

VIRREA Oak Round Rotating Wood Coffee Table with 3 Layers

Judging by the very few customer reviews online, this is a beautiful and versatile round rotating coffee table that looks exactly like the photos. It is made of good quality MDF that you feel when you touch, is heavier and sturdier than cheap wood but if you want it to last even longer you may even want to get a glass top cut for it. The Virrea coffee table is very nice looking with a premium feel but is compact in size, sits on two small scale swivel rockers and sits quite low at just an 11.4-inch height and if you want it to be a bit higher you may want to get extension legs for it. Please just check the measurements (27.6 x 20.9 x 11.4) and the space you have in your living room prior to purchase and get an idea how big or small this coffee table will be but keep the rotating design in mind before making your decision. The shipping is often very fast via and there is free shipping offer within the United States at the time of this review.

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