XMark Deadlift Package- Voodoo Bar and Ten Bumper Plates Review

XMark Deadlift Package- Voodoo Bar & 10 Plates

XMark Deadlift Package

The XMark Deadlift Package on this page includes the very solid and sturdy OB86 hard chrome 28mm grip commercial grade Voodoo Olympic bar with the black manganese phosphate shaft and ten bumper plates. Manganese phosphate is used only in very good quality bars, and the plates have a total of 280 pounds of weight and 185,000 PSI tensile strength: 2 x 10 lb., 2 x 2 x 25 lb., 2 x 35 lb. and 2 x 45 lb.

Please note that we reviewed this great 7-inch commercial grade Voodoo bar previously. Just to sum up, it offers an impressive total weight capacity of 1500 pounds with an enhanced 185,000 PSI tensile strength with moderate flex, being made of alloy steel with heat treatment and a snap ring lock. You can expect the best of the protection against abrasion and corrosion from the manganese phosphate coatings. You’ll find the 2-inch stainless steel inserts in the middle of the plates so any Olympic bars can fit in nicely. And the synthetic rubber and 60% recycled rubber cover them and give them extra tensile strength. You need to get the collars that you see in the photos separately as they’re not included.

XMark Deadlift Package bumper plates olympic voodoo bar

The 10 lb. plates (XMark XM-3385-10-P) have the diameter of 13.75 inches in this model and they are 1.675-inch deep as the 10 lb. plates have been reported to get distorted when dropped constantly. The rest of the plates- the larger ones are 17.75 inches. You will get a total of six boxes shipped to your address, each pair of plates in its own box and the Olympic bar in another. The 28mm grip is difficult to find in other mid-range priced bars and the snap ring lock will help you get the max performance out of your resistance training.

Manganese phosphate used in the shaft is also an indication of awesome quality materials used in the bar, rather than black oxide, manganese or zinc phosphate. You also have the brass bushings for comfort and convenience with the ends spinning quickly and easily by hand. So it is not only very well built with good quality construction but also looks good and is very comfortable for whatever you want to do with weights- squats, bench presses or deadlifts. This deadlift set has the good looks, great build quality, functionality and ease of use and will work for anyone, including the professional weight lifters. This is a mid-range cost bar with great quality plates and the whole deadlift package is priced reasonably. XMark is well known for its great quality strength training products for both commercial and home use. The Voodoo Bar is offered with a 6-month warranty.

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