Aicok 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker, 6 Quart / 1000W Review

Aicok 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Programmable Pressure Cooker

Aicok 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker

Aicok 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Cooker is a 6.3 quart inner pot capacity and 1000 watt power (120V, 60HZ) electric pressure cooker with the additional functions of soup / stew, fish / veggie, meat / chicken, bean / tendons, brown rice, porridge, steam and slow cook. It has the integrated smart programs and touch buttons for on demand pressure, keep warm / cancel, timer and 3 texture options of faint scent, standard and strong fragrance. It is nothing like those older stove-top pressure cookers and includes a variety of security features like the excess pressure protection, safety lid lock, fuse protection, pressure regulator that keeps pressure under 70kpa or 10.2psi, smart leaky lid detection, excess pressure protection, auto pressure and temp controllers, high temperature monitoring to prevent food from burning, magnetic sensor and anti-blockage vent to stop food debris from blocking the vent (total of 10 proven security mechanisms). You will have a peace of mind and will not harm yourself or your food. Although this is an easy to use versatile cooker with multiple functions and a very user friendly control panel you are recommended to refer to the user manual provided prior to operation, no matter how safe it is to use with a variety of security measures. It is made in the same factory as Inner Pot Cooker and is offered with a decent two year warranty by the manufacturer as a proof of its great quality.

Aicok 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Programmable Pressure Cooker

Silver and black Aicok Cooker has a very modern and sleek design, weighs 11 pounds and measures 12.6 x 11 x 12.6 inches. Pressure is specified as 70 Kpa and by using the double pressure modes you will be cooking in up to 70% less time and by switching to low pressure you will not be overcooking the more delicate ingredients.You can start the cooking process later by using the 24 hour delay timer to suit your schedule or when you get back from work etc. It is rather easy to use and you can certainly leave the kitchen or house when it is on, will cook by itself and depressurise- drop the pressure once it is done and will go into keep warm mode automatically. Just make sure you do not put ingredients beyond the max point of the 6.3 quart inner pot and if you’re cooking anything like rice that expands, you shouldn’t put more than half of the max line- you can cook a maximum of 10 cups of rice in its 6 liter inner pot. Lid is easy to tighten and the unit will let you know with jingle alerts when the lid is locked or unlocked. Aicok Cooker looks good, is well built, is easy to use, works well in different cooking modes, makes great tasting meals- juicy and full of flavour, has ten different security mechanisms and seems to be quite good value for money. It is sent nicely packaged and gives you the impression of a very good quality product and in the box you will get the multifunctional cooker, a soup spoon, rice spoon, a steamer basket and a measuring cup, a user manual with the warranty card.

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