Alpine Elliptical Glider Fitness Machine Review

Alpine Elliptical Glider Fitness Exercise Trainer 

ALPINE Elliptical Glider Machine

The brand new Alpine Elliptical Glider Machine is suitable for people of all ages- younger or older at different levels- beginners, intermediate and advanced and will give you a total body cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your home. It includes a pedometer that counts every step you take by sensing the motion on your legs and has a regular- small 5 function smart digital display that shows you distance, speed, time, approximate calories and scan if you want to automatically scan through these four indicators, with a white button on the right hand side of the display to let you change the one you wish to see. It will help you burn quite a bit of calories, burn fat, work your lower body, abs- core area and upper body, stretch and strengthen different muscles of your body and put your whole body in shape if you use it regularly and eat healthy foods. And the fact that Alpine Elliptical Glider is a low impact workout machine you will not feel much pressure or strain on your joints or knees or any part of your body, with reduced risk of injuries that you may get with other exercise machines like treadmills / running.

ALPINE Elliptical Glider Fitness Machine

You will experience a complete motion range and freedom of motion with the patented double action split suspension, you can go directly from slow walking to jogging and running at full speed without having to stop and it will all go quite smoothly with great range of motion. It has a conveniently foldable design that will help you carry it and / or store it easily if you have restricted space in your house, weighs 46 pounds, can carry users with a weight up to 250 pounds, swing pedal amplitude up to 90 degrees max and measures 44.5 x 29 x 52 inches when assembled and 12 x 29 x 65 inches as folded and includes transportation wheels for easy rolling and storage. The handlebars are covered with very dense foam- EVA cotton which makes them comfy to hold during your long exercise sessions and will feel more stable and safe thanks to the anti slip Polypropylene- PP plastic foot platforms and it is a lot of fun to use, which you will notice from the first moment you step on this elliptical glider machine. In the package you will get the Alpine elliptical glider machine, Smart display panel / computer and the User Manual. At the current price point on we do think this is a really good value elliptical.

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