Ameritoy 8HB 8 inch Wheel Self Balancing Hover Board Review

Ameritoy 8HB 8″ Wheel Self Balancing Board via Amazon

Ameritoy- 8 Inch Wheel Self balance board Hover Board

Ameritoy 8HB is a high quality battery powered self balancing smart motorised drift scooter / skateboard with two 500 watt high power motors, 8 inch dual wheels with independent drivers, 7 inch hollow inflatable tires, not deformable great quality materials and build quality which makes it very solid and durable with long life span, reliable LG battery, LED lights on the side covers that look great during the day and night and for safety as well in the dark, remote control and Bluetooth speaker with music and is water and dustproof (Ip54 level). It is an easy to use and learn unit with flexible control and easy to balance with high end gyroscope, smart with power chip and microcontroller- double balancing unit keeps you in balance, works very well and offers you a comfortable and safe traveling and easier ride than other boards on the market but sure is quite powerful so you may want to be careful and you’re better off using it on smoother surfaces. Ride feels smooth, starts and accelerates easily and stops when you wish and naturally, it almost feels like it is automatically operated with your mind rather than your feet as you will learn it very quickly- often in just ten minutes if you’ve never been on these scooters.

Ameritoy 8 inch Wheel Self balance board drifting hover Board

Maximum speed you can reach is 15 km per hour which is equal to 9.32 miles per hour. High capacity 163 Whr lithium battery charges in just two to three hours (charging voltage is 100 to 240 volts and can be charged between -15 to 50 degrees Celcius and you may use it between -10 and 50 degrees Celcius. Pedal height is 4.33 inches This specific model scooter (Ameritoy or Sanway brands as you can select on the Amazon product page and they have slight differences like in terms of wheel size and the maximum weight they can carry) is offered in different colours of black, blue, black/red, blue/red, gold, green, red, white and white/blue. Like all the other scooters this one also has the badly translated Chinglish manual but there is really nothing to set up and should come with the battery fully charged, if not that’s all you need to do before starting practicing. Maximum user weight Ameritoy 8 inch scooter can carry is 265 pounds (243 pounds for some of the Sanway models on the page) and minimum user on it should be 44 pounds and can be used by both children and adults with its safe anti-slip foot grip but it has a portable and lightweight design as it weighs just 22 pounds (and measures 23 x 7.32 x 7 inches) and is quite a lot of fun to use with the zero turning radius, can climb up to 15 degrees on most roads and riding and balance feel all natural and automatic. It is decent value for money.

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