Anova PCW-120US-K1 Wifi Precision Cooker, Black Review

Anova PCW-120US-K1WiFi Precision Cooker via Amazon

Anova PCW-120US-K1 Wifi Precision Cooker

Anova PCW-120US-K1 is the latest WiFi model of the previous Anova’s precision cooker Anova PCB-120US-K1 that included Bluetooth functionality. What company tried to achieve with this one is for the customers to manage their cooking remotely, in the office, away from your home anywhere they like. App feels a little limited at the moment and you can just set the time and temperature and monitor cooking but it works with the old app of the Anova PCB model and having two apps on your phone can be a little inconvenient and the company will be integrating two apps in one and if you are familiar with that model it had some useful features such as nice recipes. Sous vide cookers are hugely popular in United States and although it is not hard, there are a couple of steps involved such as vacuum sealing your ingredients and you get the evenly and perfectly cooked juicy and moist burgers or steaks that you may want to sear on a pan for a couple of minutes on both sides and this is fine as long as you can get that great restaurant taste. You don’t actually have to be in the kitchen to be using this unit as you can cook from anywhere with Bluetooth and WiFi connection through the Anova Culinary app that lets you get notifications on iPod touch or iPhone. What is promised here is a high end restaurant quality meal with a single touch of a button in a very easy way without needing any chef skills or experience.

Anova PCW-120US-K1 Wifi Precision Cooker

Anova Sous Vide is a simple to use cooker that is lightweight, slim and sleek- weighs 2.5 pounds and measures 14.8 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches, that can be used in any pot you want without needing any special pots or other equipment and is very simple to clean after you are done. It cooks evenly and never overcooks even if you leave the kitchen and do your own thing in or outside your home and will give you very consistent results every single time without any guesswork. If you will be starting the cooking from outside your home through the wireless connection then you will need to clamp the cooker to a pot that has water and ice and put the sealed bag of your ingredients into the pot then you can start the cooking whenever. It is a very well built unit, runs very quietly, does a great job of cooking, you can make a variety of dishes (not just steak and sausages) and you won’t be likely to encounter problems but there are limitations with the WiFi functionality as the company is just building the WiFi into the app and it works only with iOS phones or iPod touch and no date is specified for Android yet. So you should be aware that WiFi feature is not supported out of the box and you have the option to get the Bluetooth model Anova PCB-120US-K1 which works the same way but with the Bluetooth app. It would make a great beginner level Sous Vide cooking device as it is nowhere as expensive as the previous professional grade Sous Vide models but the results are quite good too. It will be up to you to pay for the price difference for the WiFi model but the Bluetooth works just as fine and the customer service is great with very helpful customer service reps.

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