WORX WX176L 2-in-1 Switch Drill & Driver Review

WORX WX176L 2-in-1 Switch Drill & Driver via Amazon

WORX WX176L 2-in-1 Switch Drill and Driver

WORX WX176L is an impressive design 2-in-1 hybrid 20V MaxLithium 12 speed brushless motor “Switch Drill & Driver” with two simple tasks of drilling holes and driving screws with a simple push of a button (easy and fast bit switch) and is user friendly and intuitive- great for those that have never used a power tool (most of you should work it out before looking at the manual), drill and drive several screws, you’ll get twice as much done in the same amount of time as you don’t have to keep switching between a drill and a driver and you can conveniently and quickly switch between drilling and driving. It has an electronic torque control with the 11 position electronic clutch so you don’t have to worry about overdriving the drill and damaging the work surface, stripping screws or splitting wood. Worx WX176L is very lightweight for the amount of power it has at 4.8 pounds and is compact with measurements of 9 x 3.5 x 8.5 inches so it is easier to hold and control for your different drilling and fastening work.

WORX WX176L 2-in-1 Switch Drill and Driver

It works on 20 volt lithium battery that lasts for two hours, recharges in 5 hours and you can interchange the PowerShare battery with other WORX tools you may own. With a single push of a button the 2 x quarter of an inch chucks (that accept and quarter inch hex shaped bits you can find at tool retailers but not the standard drill bits) can rotate 180 degrees both clockwise and counterclockwise. It comes with a two speed gearbox with 0-400 and 0-1500 rpm rotating speed (no-load) and max torque being  310 in.-lbs., it can drill 3/8 inch in steel and an inch in wood. You get the bare tool plus two charged batteries in the box without the additional accessories. It is a solid build functional and great quality product with three years of limited warranty. The best thing about it is the way it lets you work twice as fast due to the lack of need to switch tools constantly as you can load the switchdriver with a drill bit and driver bit or two different sized bits or varying combinations to make your work so much easier if you are the DIY type man or woman and also great for having having speed control, torque adjusting, ergonomic handgrip and bright LED light at the bit and being lightweight for how powerful it is and how well thought out and how well built it is.

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