Apexcool Commercial Stainless Steel Ice Maker with 88lb. Capacity &  24LBS Storage, IM-2 Review

Apexcool 88lb. Commercial Stainless Steel Ice Maker

Apexcool Commercial Ice Maker 88LBS

Apexcool IM-2 is a commercial, automatic and stainless steel ice maker with an 88-pounds of ice making capacity per 24 hours and 24 pounds of ice storage capacity and automatic cleaning function. It is suitable for use in businesses like cafes, bars, supermarkets, restaurants and homes.

The first release date on Amazon.com is January 28, 2021 and there is a single 5-star rating on the day of this product review. You have two size options of 88 pounds and 100 pounds with just a 30-dollar price difference at the moment. With a great quality, efficient compressor this ice machine can make up to 88 pounds of clear, square shaped ice cubes in just 24 hours. You will get 32 ice cubes in every 12 to 18 minutes to meet the demands of up to 700 iced drinks per day with a water usage rate of around 99%.

It has a robust and durable stainless steel body and a big heat dissipation panel for fast and efficient heat dissipation and enhanced refrigeration. This will also improve the life of the ice making machine. There is a large and clear LCD display panel that lets you adjust the thickness of ice cubes and the time. It is easy to operate and read as part of a user friendly design. It has the automatic cleaning function and includes the Add Water and Ice Full indicators that tell you when you need to put more water into the reservoir or when the basket is full and you can remove the ice for use straight away in your cold beverages or into your fridge freezer.

The integrated ultraviolet light helps with an easier and more hygienic use of the ice maker. It is compact and takes up little space, measures 13.7 x 16.5 x 25.2 inches and you can put it in your cafe or restaurant wherever you want and will look fine thanks to its freestanding design. You’ll just need to have a water outlet nearby. Please note that the ice basket or storage bin does not act as a built-in freezer and you need to get the ice cubes into your fridge freezer if you will not use them soon. As this is a compressor type ice maker you need to keep it in a vertical position for up to 24 hours before use just like with the other compressor type coolers as oils may have leaked during the transport.

You have three ice cube sizes of small, medium and large with the smallest one measuring 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches. The ice storage bin is well insulated but does not act as a freezer. The material used on this commercial ice maker is rust-resistant stainless steel with the iron painting. The modern R134a compressor has a 300-watt power with 115V of voltage and 60Hz of frequency and can be plugged into standard USApexcool Commercial Ice Machine power outlets. It is a very efficient and powerful ice maker while using up less electricity. In the package you will find the ice machine, an ice scoop, a drain pipe, a filter and an instructions manual.

We like that it has a much larger capacity than the standard ice makers and that it can hold a decent amount of ice. You’ll get 40 ice cubes each cycle as compared to the 9 cubes of the small machines and the ice doesn’t melt quickly with the decent insulation. Please unplug the power cord when you’re not using this ice machine. It is offered with a year of warranty along with the option for a free exchange or return with a money-back guarantee with the 30 days of your purchase (receipt of the product). You can email or call the customer service when you have any problems. It holds different certifications from CE, UL and EMC for mainly health and safety.

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