Hotfield 34″ Gas Cooktop Tempered Glass 5 Burners Stovetop, GH4188-01 Review

Hotfield 34″ Gas Cooktop Tempered Glass 5 Burners Stovetop

hotfield gas cooktop 34-inch

Hotfield Gas Cooktops (Stovetops) are offered in 4 different sizes and designs of 34″ size 5-burner GH4188-01 model with tempered glass, 24-inch size 4-burner GH4258-03 stainless steel stovetop, 34-inch GH5198-01 model stovetop with 5 burners and tempered glass and 36-inch GH5288-09 model tempered glass with 5 burners.

These are dual fuel gas NG/LPG convertible cooktops that work pretty fast and heat up whatever you have in your pan or saucepan very quickly. There are only two product reviews on the product page and they are both 5 stars. For price differences please refer to the current price info on Amazon and only the smaller 24-inch version is much cheaper than the others and the other three models are close to each other in price, with only 10 dollars or so difference.

Hotfield GH4188-01 Gas Cooktop weighs 41.9 pounds and measures 33.9L x 19.7W x 3.9H inches with a cut-out size of 28.7W x 18.9D inches. The ignition system type is electronic on this built-in gas cooker with knob control and with the 110V of voltage (AC) you can plug it into any standard US power outlets. There are 5 burners on this gas cooktop, one 5972BTU burner (1*2.75kw Rapid Burner), two triple ring 11262BTU burners (2 *1.75kw Semi Rapid burners), 1*3.3KW triple ring wok burner and an auxiliary 3413BTU burner (1*1 kw Auxiliary Burner). Each one delivers even heat for when you’re steaming, boiling, stir-frying, melting and more.

As materials, stainless steel, cast iron and tempered glass are used on these modern gas cooktops. And it is perfectly good for use in any kitchen but with its premium look and feel it will fit with and enhance any decor. This premium grade gas cooktop has the heavy cast iron grates, wok support attachments for maneuvering the pots and pans easily, tempered glass surface, 1 second quick ignition, heat resistant knobs, LP conversion and installation kits. It is a safe to use with the built-in securityhotfield gas cooktop 5 burners features like a thermocouple flame-out failure system to turn it off when flame is not detected. This way there is no overheating or gas leaking into your house.

You can install it quickly and easily as the tempered glass hob is a drop-in type. You will get the US standard regulator and connector included in the box. With the seamlessly sealed burners this Hotfield Gas Cooktop can be wiped clean easily after you remove the grates by using water and dishwashing soap. The 100% stainless steel cooktop is difficult to deform and has an anti-rust surface and is easy to wipe clean with a soft cloth and light detergent. All these gas cooktops go out on the market after being inspected 100% and they come with the valves and gas leakage inspection. So you can have a peace of mind that they are perfectly safe to use. But you do need to check all the joints and ensure they’re properly sealed. The burner set, caps and works are in the optimal position. The quality overall is very good on this hot new release gas cooktop that first became available at on January 13, 2021.

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