Aroma NutriWare Extra Large Digital Food Dehydrator NFD-815D Review

Aroma NutriWare XL Digital Food Dehydrator via Amazon

NutriWare Extra Large Food Dehydrator NFD-815D

White Nutriware NFD-815D is the extra large digital food dehydrator by Aroma in white plastic exterior that is cool to touch, with a unique and innovative design, a digital LED-backlit display panel, a clear front view panel, a functional rear fan and with 6 detachable stainless steel trays along with 6 mesh sheets to hold smaller fruits. It allows accurate digital temperature control with 8 settings from 95 degrees to 158 degrees Fahrenheit and time range between half hour to 19.5 hours in 30 minute increments. It will allow even and efficient drying and any part that comes in contact with food is BPA-free. You can use it for drying a variety of foods including meat, fruits, spices, herbs, make trail mix, beef jerky, fruit slices (apples, pine apples, oranges, strawberries, blueberries), vegetables, dry grapes to make raisins and make a custom potpourri with flowers so it is suitable for anyone that wants to eat healthier snacks or have hobbies like gardening and you will be able to dry your ingredients by simply turning a switch. It is very simple to use, heats up fast, dries your ingredients quickly, works rather quietly and all you’ll hear is a little subtle fan noise and won’t disturb you when you’re having a conversation in the kitchen or living room.

NutriWare Extra Large Digital Food Dehydrator NFD-815D

Aroma Nutriware NFD-815D has a square design that makes it easier to arrange your stuff, the whole thing measures 21 x 14 x 14 inches so is not really compact and the 6 large square trays provided are adjustable for height and will give you plenty of space for food dehydration as it will hold quite a lot. With the heating element and the auto fan at the rear there will be no overheating that could suck up the healthy nutrients and everything will be dried evenly and at the ideal temperatures with the thermostat that lets you adjust between 95 to 158 degrees and everything will feel much easier with stuff being dried evenly- fan being in the back it blows air across rather than through the foods. It includes a drip tray that is easy to be removed and helps you avoid mess and is easier to clean up. This costs a bit more than some of the budget round dehydrating units on the market but you will see it is definitely worth the extra but is much cheaper than some of the other models of Excalibur. Being a low wattage unit you don’t need to worry about your electric bills with this dehydrator being on for 7-8 hours non-stop and actually offers energy efficiency with no heat being waster, being totally enclosed and will not heat up your kitchen. It comes with a long 5 year warranty by the manufacturer so you can have a peace of mind for anything that may go wrong with the unit.

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