Saratoga Jacks 7L Thermal Cooker Deluxe DC-70TC Review

Saratoga Jacks 7L Thermal Cooker Deluxe via Amazon

Saratoga Jacks 7 liter Stainless Steel Thermal Cooker

Saratoga Jacks DC-70TC Deluxe is a 7 litre capacity premium cordless stainless steel slow thermal cooker with an insulated interior and dual nesting stainless steel inner pots with thick triple layer cladding at the bottom of the large 7 liter pot and a single layer bottom on the smaller 2.5 liter pot that can be put inside the larger one to cook an entree or an additional meal at the same time or just use the large one on its own to have more space to the main meal. Use of the smaller pot is optional and both pots are good for being used on an induction stove, but remember you need to use the correct sized pot (7 liter or the 2.5 liter) for what you need as partly filled cooker will not keep the heat the same way as a full cooker as some heat will be lost to the air gap and it can also make a nice cooler for a long time. It is very well built and will not cause any thermal leaks, great quality 304 – 18/10 surgical stainless steel is what the pots are made of and the lid shuts sealed completely and has a convenient handle that can be folded up and down so you can carry it easily. What is special about it is it gives you quite a bit of flexibility due to being cordless and not relying on a stove or power outlet during the cooking process and you can cook at home or outdoors.

Saratoga Jacks 7 liter Stainless Steel Thermal Cooker

Saratoga Jacks Cooker weighs 12 pounds and measures 12 x 12 x 12 inches, with a 7 litre capacity it is big enough to make a meal (or two meals) for up to 10-11 people and you can make a variety of meals (roast, soups, stews, sauces, dips) in it and cook all types of meat and veggies conveniently. Soak your chickpeas or beans overnight, boil them for 5-10 minutes and put the pot in the thermal cooker and leave it in there for about 8 hours and your beans will be nice and soft. If you put the boiled ingredients in there around noon and you will have your dinner any time in the evening as it will be nice and warm whenever you decide to have it. Nothing will be stuck at the bottom of the pot and no mess or spilling around it or the stove that you may normally get by cooking on stove and you can use less water than normal as the water will not evaporate as much. You will get a very large meal enough for you and your family or guests by just 15 minutes of gas or electricity and like with other slow cooking methods, veggies and meats will turn out very tasty with nice texture- roast will be very tender. It is very safe to use with no risk of starting a fire because of being unattended (and you won’t worry when you’re not at home) and you can carry your meals in it- is a lot like carrying your coffee in a thermos, but with this one ingredients are also actually being cooked- great for camping too. This is a great quality premium product that is very well made and does the job very well at a very reasonable price and think about how much you will be saving by not using electricity for 8 hours like you would with regular slow cookers, saving up to 90% of gas or electricity consumed.

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