Auertech Mini Portable 9LB. Laundry Machine Washer, AU0006

Auertech Mini Portable 9LB. Laundry Machine

Auertech Mini Portable Washing Machine

White and blue Auertech AU0006 Mini is a compact and portable, semi-automatic laundry machine, washer with a 300-watt power (110V, 60Hz), a 9lb. washing capacity and time control for use in small apartments, RVs, dorms and wherever you want.

With its lightweight, mini design it will fit in any bathroom or closet easily and would be quite a good help to those that don’t have a large machine or live in small spaces and need something more compact and portable. Despite its size and low weight it shall be able to handle your laundry nicely. With a strong 300-watt, 1300rpm motor it will handle your washing quickly and efficiently. And you can view the whole washing process through the transparent window.

This Auertech Mini Laundry Machine will save you from washing your clothes by hand and will also save you on both water and electricity usage. It has an easy to operate control panel that lets you adjust the washing time with the left dial and the Option switch for Wash and Off. Please note that the Spin function is not included in this washer. It is not a fully automatic machine but a semi-automatic one with only the wash mode. You should be able to get your clothes clean with a couple of easy steps.

The exterior (and overall body) is made of good quality PP material that will not rust or deform over time and it will offer you many years of use. It cleans your clothes easily with a decent water flow, without causing much wear and the drain hose will get the dirty water out easily. You’ll also get an inlet hose for getting the water in automatically. With a 15-minute wash cycle for each load it will save you on both time and space with its compact size of 16 x 16 x 24 inches. The washing time can also be adjusted according to your needs. You will not need to do any installation and is pretty much a plug and play type washer.

Auertech Mini Washing Machine 9lbs

It has a good quality pulsator and the maximum speed is 1300rpm and should offer you a decent clothes washing performance. Many semi-automatic washing machines on the market do not spin dry the clothes well as they only come with a little spin basket and the spin cycle can actually be a little useless with the washed and spinned clothes still quite wet. That’s why the manufacturer decided to not include the Spin function in this washer and you may want to check out their twin tub machine if you need the spinning.

Auertech AU0006 is quite an adequate machine for one or two people and you shall be able to wash a variety of clothes, towels, jeans or bed sheets. We think that it is well worth the money at its low price point: Effective, powerful, reliable, easy to operate, compact and portable and you can use it wherever you want. You may contact the seller or customer service through your order page or the email/phone provided in your user manual. And they will respond to your email within 24 hours and resolve the problems you may have. It first appeared at on November 8, 2020 and is currently rated an average of 5 out of 5 stars by 3 customers on the day of this product review.

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