Body Xtreme Fitness Home Rowing Machine Body Sculpture 1500-S Review

Body Xtreme Fitness 1500-S Home Rowing Machine 

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Body Xtreme Fitness 1500-S is a heavy-duty rowing machine with a modern design for the home gym or office use. Like other rowing machines, it is mainly designed for strengthening and toning your arms (biceps and triceps) and back muscles as well as helping you lose weight and getting into and stay in shape.

It is offered in two color options of red/black and silver/blue, both of which have the same price tag at the time of this review. As a quite a solid and durable product with a lightweight but heavy-duty construction it has a 250 lb. user weight capacity and you can expect it to last a long time. Different people in your house can use this rowing machine but is not suitable for commercial gym use where tens of people use each machine every day.

And as you may be already aware, any exercise routine needs to be combined with a healthy eating plan to get better results. Body Xtreme Rowing Machine includes a 16 lbs inner magnetic system that offers the ultimate rotation and you may adjust the resistance through the easy dial in the middle, so you can enjoy different levels of difficulty. You can change the resistance levels easily during your workout and stimulate your muscles better for better results.

Body Xtreme Fitness Home Rowing Machine

It has a fairly comfy seat with an ergonomic design that will let you exercise longer and burn more calories and fat. The handles are nicely padded and anti-slip and the textured pedals are large and comfortable and will make you feel safe with the fastened toe straps for supporting your leg thrust and for your feet to stay in place.

There is even a multifunctional LCD display monitor with the standard indicators you may expect on a rowing machine: Calories, time, count, count per minute and scan. The whole unit measures 69.5 x 20.1 x 18.9 inches and has a conveniently foldable design for easier relocation and storage as you can see in the photos. So it can be stored away very easily after each use if you lack enough space in your workout area in the living room.

In the box, you’ll find the Body Xtreme Rowing Machine, a User Manual with operating and assembly instructions and a bonus cooling towel that is resistant to sweat. Although you’ll need to do some assembly work it is quite easy to put together. It does the job well, feels comfortable, sturdy and stable and moves smoothly from the beginning to the end. With adjustable resistance, you will find yourself getting a solid and challenging full body workout, burning fat and getting in shape.It is suitable for use by people of different ages and fitness levels.

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