Ivation Magnetic Folding Exercise Bike/Workout Cycle with Integrated Productivity Desk Review

Ivation Magnetic Folding Exercise Bike with Productivity Desk

Ivation Magnetic Folding Exercise Bike

Ivation Magnetic Exercise Bike has a foldable design and a built-in desk that can accommodate tablets or notebooks with up to 15 inches screen size. So you have your workout bike and the productivity desk in one place and you can exercise while you do your work. The integrated desk has holes for better ventilation and is anti-slip offering stability.

Ivation Exercise Bike runs very quietly and smoothly thanks to the aluminum bearing on the twin belt high-velocity flywheel that helps keep the noise at the lowest level. So you focus on your work without any distractions from the bike noise, make phone calls or live video meetings with colleagues. It has two front caster wheels and a convenient foldable design. You can fold it tightly for easier transportation, move it anywhere you want in your house or office and store it somewhere convenient.

This is quite a solid and durable product so you can have a peace of mind even if using it every day and over a long period of time. The flywheel was tested and proven to last for as much as 40 days non-stop or a million rounds. The ergonomic upholstered seat is large, comfortable and supportive with a backrest and padded grip handles on both sides. And you can ride very comfortably and for a much longer time and you can complete your work too.

ivation workout cycle with desk

The high-traction pedals have the anti-slip textured surface and include adjustable straps to help keep your feet in place. You can simply adjust the level of resistance for a more or less challenging workout via the resistance dial located in the middle. It is a very solid product that can carry a total weight of 375 pounds.

The seat height can be adjusted for people between 4’6” and 5’10”. The whole thing weighs a little over 45 pounds, the bike weighs 37 pounds and measures 43 x 38 inches and the productivity desk is 17.7 x 2.8 inches. In the box, you will get the Ivation Exercise Bike with the Workstation, User Guide and a set of simple tools for assembly, such as an Allen wrench, spanner, round-head screw and socket cap screw with curved gasket.

It looks sleek and modern and has a space saving design. You can put your computer, iPad and your book, smartphone on it and you’ll find two cup holders for your water bottle and small items.There is even a small LCD display panel that works with 2 x AA batteries and shows the distance, time, calories, speed and the pulse rate via the sensors on the front handles that are adjustable between 0 to 90 degrees. Please note that the measurements are in km and not in miles.

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