KiNGKANG Rowing Machine with Adjustable Resistance Review

KiNGKANG Rowing Machine with Adjustable Resistance

KiNGKANG Rowing Machine Adjustable Resistance

KingKang Rowing Machine is a compact and budget priced home fitness equipment with a solid construction, functional and ergonomic design and useful features like a small display panel and adjustable resistance. It offers a wonderful low-impact exercise that gets your arms, back, core section, legs, and buttocks.

It is for home use only and would not be suitable for hundreds of people a day at commercial gyms. Having said that, you can have a peace of mind and use it daily at home and should last you a long time as long as you take good care of it. It has a decent user weight capacity of 330 pounds and a large seat that measures 14.3 x 13.4 x 10.2 inches, that will accommodate people of different sizes.

Like any fitness product you purchase online or at the store, you will need to do some simple assembly. But because there are only simple components to put together, it should not take you a long time. Being a US stock product it shall be sent quickly via You can take it out of its shipping box, do the very easy assembly in a few minutes and start rowing straight away.

The shipping weight is 36.4 pounds and the product measures 43.3 x 28.4 x 27.6 inches as assembled. You will get the instructional manual which you should refer to when you’re putting the parts together. We can’t see any transportation wheels in the photos but it is easy to relocate and store it somewhere convenient. The rowing arms are conveniently foldable for when you want to store the unit under your bed or in the closet or even on the wall.

KiNGKANG Rowing Machine

It has the hydraulic cylinder resistance through a pair of hydraulic pistons and kind of mimics the real boating experience with the 4 resistance levels on offer. It will not move, wobble or shake during your workout, thanks to the suction cups at each corner and it will all feel rather stable. It gets most of your major muscle groups on your lower and upper body as well as your middle section. You need to sit in the recess of the seat so you don’t encounter any dangers.

There is just one button on the LCD display monitor with the standard statistics of calories burned, distance traveled, time exercised, count and scan to show each of them one by one every 9 seconds without you pressing anything. Please note that the display panel works on batteries and they are not included in the box. You may see the large anti-slip foot pedals that accompany the large seat. So it all feels solid and stable and you are comfortable throughout your rowing session.

People that are a bit shorter than 4 feet and a bit taller than 6 feet can use it comfortably. So if you are very tall you need to look at alternatives. And children should only use it when they are supervised by the adults. You will find that it runs smoothly without making any noise. And you can easily listen to music or watch a show or movie when you’re rowing. You will not get any extra bells and whistles on this affordable rowing machine but it does whatever you may expect from a hydraulic resistance equipment.

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