Brewsly 15 Bar Stainless Steel Espresso Machine with Milk Frother Wand Review

Brewsly 15-Bar Stainless Steel Espresso Maker

Brewsly 15 Bar Espresso Machine

Stainless steel Brewsly 15-Bar Espresso Maker is a semi-automatic coffee machine that comes with a milk frother wand and with a professional design for making nice lattes, cappuccinos and espressos. Please note that it is marked as a returnable item at the product page.

The average customer rating for this number one new release coffee maker is 4.5 out of 5 stars by 5 users at the time of this product review. You are guaranteed cafe barista quality espresso coffee consistently from this 15-bar coffee maker. There is a visual work pressure gauge at the front and the controls that you can adjust for making the type of coffee to your personal taste.

With the double set temperatures you can adjust the water and steam (milk foam) to the optimal temperatures separately. The milk foam will be nice and creamy and the taste will be right at the temperature you prefer. You can choose from a single or double shot automatically from the 2-in-1 filter holder. Taller cups like the latte glasses can be easily fit where you remove the double drip tray. You can also adjust the foam and steam for making different espresso based coffees. Micro foam is needed for latte and dryer foam for cappuccino.

Brewsly 15-Bar Espresso Maker has a beautiful modern design and looks beautiful in stainless steel, weighs 10.8 pounds and measures 16.8 x 16.3 x 8.5 inches. This compact machine is only 6 inches wide and will occupy only 1/2 the space of other espresso makers. It is also easy to move when you need to and not hard to clean. Stainless steel exterior makes it much sturdier, stronger and more durable than solid plastic. It can have a permanent spot on your kitchen counter thanks to its pretty design and compact size.

It will also stay put and stable during the operation or in other times. It is shipped nicely sealed and in solid packaging with  the accessories placed safely. If you like Brewsly 15 Bar Espresso Coffee Machineyour coffee very hot, what you will get out of this machine is a bit more than 140 degrees. One of the customers commented that the coffee it makes may taste a little weaker than what some of you may be used to with cafe espressos. But it creates a nice crema in the espresso and the taste is above average.

It even has the memory function that lets you brew for a certain amount of time, longer than the standard single or double shots. The coffee it makes is reported to be quite good and at the temperature you want. You are definitely paying for quality here with this espresso maker if you think it costs more than some other compact coffee machines. And it is not much harder to operate than the pod type machines. And you’ll find that brewing coffee beans rather than using the pods like in some machines will work out to be much cheaper. It has a high end design- looks more expensive than it actually is.

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