Brio CBPC500 and CBPC520 Hot and Cold Counter-Top Water Dispenser / Cooler – Premiere Series Review

Brio CBPC500 & CBPC520 Counter-Top Water Dispensers


Brio CBPC500 and CPBC520 are the new counter-top style water dispensers / coolers as part of the Brio Premier series. Like with the other Brio Premier and Essential series models, they will give you access to very hot or very cold water immediately, whenever you want. You can drink crisp cold water on those hot summer days or use it to make refreshing drinks, or use the piping hot water to make coffee, tea, hot chocolate or instant soup- water is hot enough to make soup and noodles. They have a modern countertop design and you can choose either white or black depending on your decor or taste, and are suitable for home and office use or anywhere a water dispenser / cooler may be needed. They look nice and certainly fit into any kitchen decor, weigh 28.2 pounds and measure 12.4 x 14 x 18 inches, are not much lighter (only about 3 pounds or so) than the taller CL720 and CL520 model water coolers we reviewed previously, as you’ll get pretty much the same internal- water tanks, compressor and other internal components. 


They come with the innovative Tomlinson child-lock faucet on the hot water spout so you do not need to worry about your kids having an accident and everyone in the family can use the dispenser. Like in other Brio Premier model dispensers, both the hot and cold water tanks are made of stainless steel without rust or corrosion, which will help with the water staying cooler longer and the protection of purity. And the cooler cabinet is made of solid, commercial level ABS. The top loading design may not appeal to many people due to the potential difficulty of putting the heavy water bottle in, but the good thing is you will see clearly when you’re running out of water and it is time to refill the bottle, which is particularly good in offices. They are built with good quality components and have a heavy-duty framework that help these units last many long years of heavy use every day and according to the manufacturer you could easily compare them with the very expensive high-end coolers that are leased through water companies. We like that they don’t make any noise at all, except for when you’re getting water, and even then it will be minimal noise. Warranty on offer is two years exchange warranty for all Premier series water dispensers.

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