Magic Mill Pro XL Electric Food Dehydrator MFD9100 and Magic Mill Pro Countertop MFD6100 Review

Magic Mill Pro XL & Pro Countertop Food Dehydrator


Black Magic Mill Pro XL is a modern electric food dehydrator with 9 large stainless steel trays, 600-watt motor, a rear-mounted fan for even heating and drying. It has a food dehydrating capacity of more than 9 pounds on its 9 trays (1lb for each tray). You can dry veggies, fruits (fruit slices), herbs, meats (beef jerky) and due to a decent size and they will last much longer. It is suitable for use by big families or anyone that is into healthy eating, sports people, gardeners, outdoor hobbyists and others. You have the digital display panel with timer and temperature, up and down buttons, on and off and red-backlit display in the middle. You will find 8 different preset temp settings and there is the auto shutoff feature for security when the time is up, so you don’t have to worry the ingredients will not be overcooked, and it has the overheating security protection. The best thing about having a well-functioning dehydrator is you will be able to make snacks and foods that are healthy, free of preservatives and additives unlike those that you buy at the store and anything that is in direct or indirect contact with food is BPA free.

Everything will be dried evenly thanks to the even drying with the 600-watt rear-mounted fan (and the special air flow circulation) that distributes the heat evenly- horizontally back to the front onto the racks and there will be no need to rotate the shelves. It is quite functional and does the job well, and comes with stainless steel trays- not plastic unlike the similar models but costs much less than the commercial food dehydrators. There is also the Magic Mil Pro model with 6 trays and costs roughly 30 dollars less on the day of this review- just have a look on the Amazon product page. With the auto shut-off function that takes the timing into account, it will stop when it reaches the ideal set temperature and you can set it up to 19.5 hours, between the temperatures of 95 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit and you will see the countdown timer on the LED-backlit display. For example, you can set it at night before sleep and you can wake up to delicious snacks in the morning, for example, dried fruits to use in your muesli. You don’t have to open the lid when it is in operation and see what’s going on through the transparent cover. There is a convenient drip tray underneath so you won’t get residues into the unit and make a harder to clean the mess and is easy to clean. 


Magic Mill Pro XL has a modern appearance, looks nice in black with see-through window and a digital display panel at the top, weighs 22.8 pounds and measures 19.3 x 18.2 x 15.7 inches- you’ll need some space on your counter. Stainless steel drying racks measure 13 x 12 inches, are adjustable and slide out easily, and the unit comes with 5 non-stick trays, 9 plastic fine mesh trays, a set of oven mitts to protect your hands as the trays will be hot when you’re removing them. You can comfortably use it for things like fruit rollups as you can use the plastic liners with small holes and the drip tray will catch any residues. If you get any plastic smell when you first use it, you may want to clean it thoroughly and run it for a few hours on its own. The fan will make very soft noise but doesn’t seem to be anything significant and all food dehydrators we know make some noise and this is probably one of the quietest we have come across. It is made with very good quality components and technology and comes with one year limited warranty by the manufacturer- Royalux Inc. Magic Mill USA International Headquarters, which imports and distributes the well-known good quality kitchen appliances.

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