HANMEIUS TM-767 Commercial Power Blender Review

HANMEIUS TM-767 Commercial Power Blender 


Hanmieus is a modern commercial grade blender with an impressively powerful 2.2-peak horsepower, 1200 watt motor, and multiple speeds. It acts as a functional blender, processor, and mixer to process the hardest ingredients- fruits and veggies, and ice successfully so you can make smoothies, drinks, sauces, cold soups, chopped salsas, dips and more. There are two switches, one for the “Power on and off” to start the blades moving and another for “Pulse on and off” just like the pulse in a food processor and a speed dial in the middle to control the speed- lower and higher- you will start out slow and turn it up. The dots you see underneath are not some sensitive buttons, but just and an indication of which switch is good for what- veggies, fruits, meat, jams, soy milk, coffee beans, smoothies, and cereals.

Food grade high carbon steel blades are very sharp and extract the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, proteins and healthy enzymes efficiently from any fruits or vegetables you want to blend. You can use it comfortably without worrying about security issues as it comes with the built-in features like the overheating protection for the motor to stop in case of overheating, gravity switch for you to take out the cup straight away without electricity and the insulation on the mixing container cup, so you do not have to worry about the safety. The jug has a rectangular shape, is built more durable so as not to be broken easily, is healthy as a baby food grade material and is explosion proof. Hanmieus TM-767 costs much less than similar other models of well-known brands but includes all the same features and even better build quality. You can process warmer ingredients comfortably as the carafe is shatterproof (40 to 120 degree Celcius tolerance) and has up to 130-degree maximum thermal protection. It is quite easy to clean and well-marked. The stainless steel blades have serrated edges looking upward and also two extra blades pointing downward. The lid is rubbery and very nicely sealed so stays in place nicely and the transparent piece that you can remove for you to put in liquids. 


It weighs 10.7 pounds and measures 17.7 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches, has a vertical design and will not take up a lot of space but is larger than it looks on photos and quite tall so may not fit under some cabinets. The base of this blender is quite large and heavy, the 42-inch cord is long, round and thick with a 3 pronged plug. You can even make milk from sesame seeds without any residues remaining and turns out quite smooth. Instructions manual is not the best and doesn’t include much information, but the operation will be mostly common sense, and you really can’t beat the performance of this machine, at such a competitive price, as it is both easy to use and very powerful. You can reach an impressive 2800 rpm rotating speed with the 1200 watt power motor and you can be certain of its efficiency. In the box you will get the Hanmieus blender, a 2-liter working bowl, a rubber cover, a handheld screen pack and a stirring rod for you to enjoy a better performance when you’re preparing healthy and tasty foods or drinks. It is offered with a regular two-year warranty that includes all the parts, even a month of free trial as well as an extended 5-year warranty for the body and the motor.

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