Cuisinart Elite Collection 7-Cup Food Processor, DLC2007MCBY Review

Cuisinart Elite Collection 7-Cup Food Processor 

Cuisinart Elite Collection 7-Cup Food Processor DLC2007MCBY

Cuisinart Elite Collection (DLC2007MCBY) is a brand new release 600-watt power food processor with a compact vertical design but a large 7-cup capacity. It is made of stainless steel and solid plastic and any part that touches your ingredients are BPA-free. There is a small touchpad display panel at the front with an “on, pulse and off” buttons. It comes with a sharp stainless steel chopping blade, a wide mouth feeder chute, two stainless steel discs for shredding and slicing, a small tube that can be used for dressing oil and a rubber spatula.

Cuisinart Elite weighs 14.8 pounds as a pretty heavy-duty food processor and measures 15.75 x 13 x 9.25 inches. The main bowl snaps nicely onto the stainless steel base. You put the stainless steel blade right into the center (blade lock feature) and close the cover lid that will also snap on, and then you place the feeder tube on top. All the parts except for the base are dishwasher safe, and that makes it easy to clean. You can shred and slice a variety of vegetables and fruits, for example, shred carrots, zucchini and beetroot, slice peppers and cucumber, make beautiful salad dressings.It is very easy to operate and you can even use it to make smoothies but the texture will be somewhat thicker than normal with little fruit pieces in it. You can process your ingredients very quickly and easily thanks to its powerful motor despite its compact size.

With the 7-cup size bowl, you can process fairly large amounts and it will basically make the food preparation much quicker and easier. It can be a little hard to remove the parts but overall it is a powerful and efficient food processor that does the job just fine and should last a while. Cuisinart is a globally recognized brand for quality and innovation with a history of more than three decades. The company is best known for its food processors but actually has a great range of culinary products and small kitchen appliances used by even the best chefs around the world. These include bakeware, dinnerware, toasters, kettles, ice-cream makers, hand blenders, stand mixers, espresso makers and lots of different specialty products for use in domestic and commercial kitchens. You will also get a three-year limited warranty by Cuisinart, that proves its high build quality and you know you will be able to get help if it breaks.

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