DEWALT D25303DH Dust Extractor for 1″ 20V MAX SDS Hammer Review

DEWALT D25303DH Dust Extractor via Amazon

DEWALT D25303DH Dust Extractor

DEWALT D25303DH is a recent release, powerful and high performance dust extraction unit for an inch 20 volt Max SDS hammer with a solid and transparent large capacity box for dust, dust nozzle that can be replaced easily, replaceable high quality HEPA filter to get rid of almost 100%  (99.97% to be exact) airborne particles that are as tiny as 0.3 microns and the two second power-off delay feature for the dust extractor to continue running after the hammer is switched off to remove whatever dust is remaining. It has an integrated motor that helps with better suction of dust and improved tool performance and will let you adjust the depth stop conveniently to achieve precise anchor hole depths. You may use a 5/8 inch diameter carbide drill with it and with the fast release you will easily assemble and disassemble without needing any tools. It has a compact and ergonomic design- weighs 4.2 pounds and measures 15 x 11 x 4.7 inches- low weight and compact and fits the rotary hammer models DCH273P2, DCH273, DCH274, DCH253 and DCH254.

DEWALT D25303DH Dust Extractor for 1inch 20V MAX SDS Hammer

Maximum drilling depth is specified as 125mm, length as 160mm and bit diameter as 16mm. So you can drill dust-free up to 16mm, it will not affect the durability of the hammer it is attached to as it includes an independent motor and is powered through the little hole at the bottom of the hammer. Dewalt makes great quality dust extractors that are both flexible and very tough as they are designed to handle very demanding tasks and extract the maximum amount no matter what speed hammer is at and to last a long time. In the package you will get the Dewalt D25303DH Dust Extraction unit as well as the Side Handle and no batteries are required, it is made in China and includes a three year limited warranty by the manufacturer. The way the two second power-off delay works is the extractor will work two seconds after the hammer trigger is released so there will be no dust or debris left in the hose or telescope.You should replace the HEPA filter every 30 days or so if you’re using the unit constantly. You are probably aware that dust is a huge deal and you don’t want to breathe all that dust when you’re working on the task and with new regulations will be coming up soon you may need one of these.

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