DEWALT DCS387B Reciprocating Saw with DW4856 Metal/Woodcutting Blade Set Review

DEWALT DCS387B Reciprocating Saw with Blade Set 

DEWALT DCS387B Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT DCS387B is a lightweight and compact reciprocating blade set for helping you with both the professional tasks or stuff around the house. Although it is rather small in size and not heavy at all, it has quite a fast and powerful motor, does a great job and can handle a fair amount of work which means you can cut larger pieces with just one hand and certainly seems to be one of the better models on the market. You can achieve an impressive 2900 spm speed (between 0 – 2900) with the variable speed trigger as the 1-1/8 inch stroke length helps it cut at faster speeds. You have a combo set for a variety of applications and the 4-position blade clamp is good for flush cutting it easily fits in studs and lets you make the cuts in even very restricted spaces, with the motor is neatly positioned at the front. It doesn’t have a brushless motor but a traditional brushed motor with four poles. DEWALT DCS387B is meant for masons, household users, painters, plumbers, construction firms, builders, carpenters and others for stuff in and around the house.

DEWALT DCS387B Reciprocating Saw with DW4856 Metal Woodcutting Blade Set

You can adjust and mount the blades in four different positions of left, right, up and down- has vertical and horizontal insertion blades for different common applications. Dewalt saw’s configuration can be adjusted to support very tough tasks- so the cuts that were quite hard and challenging before with weaker tools can now be done easily. The bright LED lights will offer enhanced visibility which also means you can work in darker corners. It is offered with a three year limited warranty like the other Dewalt products and seems to be quite good value with its great advanced technology and awesome construction / build quality which makes it very solid and durable. It has easy-to-use speed controls for speeds up to 2900spm and the way it helps you complete tasks in a very short period of time and you will feel safe when you’re working with it, thanks to the unique security mechanisms. You will get the six piece metal and woodcutting reciprocating saw blade set (DW4856) in the box with just less than ten dollars extra, or you can choose to get the reciprocating saw on its own. You can easily cut wood, drywall, plastic and metal with the six reciprocating saw blades provided.

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