Generac 22 inch Gas Powered Trimmer Mower TRM67GMNTDX2OF2 Review

Generac 22″ Gas Powered Trimmer Mower

Generac 22 inch Gas Powered Trimmer Mower

Trimmer mowers are generally powerful units that can take care of your gardening needs and all trimmers are designed to cut through thick layers of grass and weeds, regardless of how dense or stubborn they are. A powerful and efficient trimmer like the walk behind design Generac 22” will be able to cut through all the stubborn layers of grass easily and conveniently, no matter of how inexperienced you may be in mowing and trimming. With this powerful trimmer mower, you will be able to cut an entire lawn without much effort as it has a powerful engine that can generate 163 cc of consistent power. All that you have to do is to push the mower across the lawn and its12 inch wheels can go through all obstacles and give you a clean and clear lawn in no time. Generac (TRM67GMNTDX2OF2) weighs only 57 pounds so it is quite light in weight, making it a bit more maneuverable too so you will get much more done in less amount of time. 

It also has a cast-aluminum front nose plate to protect you from walls, fences and other surfaces and to keep debris and rocks from damaging the unit. The great ergonomic design of this walk behind trimmer mower will save you from extensive back strain as you sweep through tough and thick grass with double the power of a conventional / regular trimmer mower with its wheels rolling through grass like a feather and in the most efficient way possible. And the resin wheels of 12 inch diameter with steel bearings means the trimmer will be very simple to roll. You will really appreciate that it has a very useful special design that shuts down automatically when there is little oil to help prevent any damage. It allows you to clear thick vegetation by adding a trimmer blade attachment. It has a fold-down handle to limit the footprint- make it more compact for easy storage when you’re not using it. Generac 22″ is one of the lightest trimmers on the market, with a cutting width of 22 inches and five height settings and will help you in different fine-line trimming jobs and will help keep your lawn looking beautiful. Overall this is a great value mower trimmer with quite a few benefits / pros as you can see and you will get two years of consumer warranty and 90 days of commercial warranty with it.

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