Goplus 1/2HP, 5 Cubic Ft Electric Cement Concrete Mixer Review

Goplus 1/2HP, 5 Cu Ft Electric Cement Mixer 

Goplus Electric Cement Mixer

Concrete is an essential part of a construction and it is rather important to mix it properly with a decent concrete mixer that will ensure you have the right combination of everything, or you will experience cracks or rough bits due to too little or too much of certain things. And the new 5 cubic feet capacity tall and portable Goplus Electric Cement Mixer does good job of mixing the cement properly with its 1/2 HP power. You can put the stuff in comfortably through its wide opening and will turn the mixing paddles easily. By principle, the cement mixers are designed for those that work in constructions, but the things have changed significantly over the years as mixers are actually used in both household and professional settings today. And a lot of DIYer type people look for cement mixers that can be used effortlessly and easily. Irrespective of whether you want to add more character to the lawn or hardscape, you can certainly use the GoPlus Electric Cement mixer and happens to be a great tool for artists, homeowners and construction workers. It is good for concrete, mortar, stucco, and / or for inoculating seeds and mixing feeds.

Goplus 0.5HP Electric Cement Mixer

There are a few reasons why GoPlus Cement Mixer is a great product but what we like most about it is its solid and sturdy construction as the cement is a heavy ingredient that should be handled properly with the cement mixer you’re purchasing being able to support the heavy mixture properly. This is why GoPlus Electric Cement Mixer is made of solid steel drums that ensure both strength and the ability to complete the task efficiently. It is built to be super durable and will work for many years of holding cement. Secondly, this GoPlus Mixer has an ample drum capacity and 22.4 inch depth and 23.6 inch diameter which means, you can mix as much as you want and can actually mix very large amounts of ingredients without you exerting any force and you do not have to work in small batches anymore. It has a great heavy duty half horse power motor with 1725rpm- rotations per minute and 3.0 Amp (110V, 60 Hz voltage) so is rather fast and consistent. GoPlus Mixer looks stylish and is designed ergonomically for easy pouring of cement and weighs 105 pounds with measurements of 45.6 x 28.7 x 49.2 inches and has a handlebar and two rubber wheels so you may move the mixer easily. All in all this is a very solid and functional cement mixer that will take care of your mixing tasks easily and conveniently.

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