Dreo Air Fryer 4-Quart Hot Oven Cooker, DR-KAF002 Review

Dreo Air Fryer 4-Quart Hot Oven Cooker, DR-KAF002

Dreo Air Fryer 4 Quart Hot Oven Cooker

Dreo  DR-KAF002 is a modern 4-quart capacity multifunctional air fryer, hot oven cooker with a total of 9 cooking functions including the Preheat function, and it works at the temperatures between 100 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The average customer rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars for this number one new release by 25 users at the time of this product review.

The 9-in-1 digital air fryer has the Preheat function and the Shake reminder. You can make different foods like crispy chicken and fries, crispy and juicy steak and tasty cakes. It comes with an easy LED-backlit touch display and shake reminder. You can check the cooking temperature and time easily on this smart control panel. The 8 preset options are Reheat, Dehydrate, Bread, Steak, Chicken, Fish, Vegetable, and French Fries. You can touch one of these preset buttons to quick start or adjust your own temperature and time.

You can easily dehydrate fruits and make yogurt to use in your Bircher muesli. It cooks your ingredients quicker at the maximum 450 degrees and you can make yogurt at 100 degrees. It is not just an air fryer, but also works as a microwave oven, dehydrator, oven, toaster and yogurt maker. Dreo Air Fryer has a compact, space saving design and will not take up much space on your kitchen counter, fitting in small areas nicely. This is a fairly small air fryer that can cook enough for you and your partner.

Dreo Air Fryer 4 Quart Hot Oven Cooker 9 Functions

The plate and the basket are sturdy and durable and have the double layer nonstick waterborne coatings. It is very easy to clean with its antistick coatings and dishwasher safe accessories for cleaning the grease off easily. The food-grade silicone pads on the stainless steel chamber and the plate are BPA-free and PFOA-free and it is an FDA-approved and ETL-certified and safe to use.

With the rapid 360-degree air circulation inside you’ll cook your ingredients evenly and achieve crispy results. You will use up to 95% less oil than the traditional deep frying methods to zero oil and you will have the same fried taste without carrying any guilt. The wide industry leading temperature range on this Dreo Air Fryer is between 100℉-450℉ for a variety of your needs when cooking different ingredients and meals efficiently. You can air fry, bake, dehydrate, unfreeze and reheat your ingredients quickly. There are 50 recipes on the recipe book included in the box and you have the step-by-step instructions and even a guide for frozen foods. And you have a few ideas about cooking in this multifunctional air fryer.

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