Festool 584174 CT SYS Dust Extractor Review

Festool 584174 CT SYS Dust Extractor

Festool 584174 CT SYS Dust Extractor

Festool 584174 CT SYS is a solid, well constructed, powerful, portable and compact dust extractor that is easy to be carried from job to job and with many useful functions. Being designed for professional use it is ideal for painters, remodellers and others that want both portability and functionality. It is similar to other CT dust extractors in terms of noise level at 67 decibels so it will be easy on your ears, has powerful suction (1000 watt power and 120 Volts AC, 8.3amps), tool-triggered operation for use with power tools and Systainer integration (it will stack on all your Festool tools), a regular hose housing on top with cord storage of its 5 meter cord as well, the shoulder strap, the hose that measures 27 mm x 3 m and with 90 degree connection and full HEPA certification and an anti-static design. You can disconnect the top part and it will get even smaller and when you open the black lid, you’ll see the dust collection bag (0.9 gal bag capacity in a 1.2gal container) with disposable one piece HEPA filter and two black tools- a small upholstery brush and a crevice novel to get into smaller areas. You can choose to connect the hose to the top hole or the section on the side by opening the small lid as it becomes a blower.

Festool 584174 CT-SYS Dust Extractor

Festool 584174 CT SYS works both manually and automatically (manual and auto feature that you can set it to). When you connect it to your tool you will see that there is no or very little dust remaining and Festool stays on a couple more seconds after you turn it off so it collects all the residual dust in the hose so you don’t have to worry about dust hanging around or when you disconnect the hose you will not dump dust all over the place. Maximum suction capacity is specified as 106CFM and max vacuum as 80 inch static water lift. Dust is not good for you or the environment- a waste of time, health and money so you’ll get to clean less and work more by using such functional dust extractor. It is a great tool to use in combination with other Festool power tools as they are designed that way if you’re working in homes, hospitals or other locations where keeping clean is important and without making too much noise. It is compact with measurements of 15-9/16 x 11-5/8 x 10-5/8 inches and weighs just 15.2 pounds  and you can conveniently carry it by holding the handle or the shoulder strap that can be adjusted.  It is made in Germany, which is an indication of its awesome build quality and just like with all that other Festool tools this one also comes with a 3 year all inclusive warranty backed by Festool’s exclusive support and service and if you need it serviced or send it for repairs Festool will pay for the return shipment.

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