FitFab Situp Bench Pro Adjustable Curved Sit Up Bench, Crunch Board, Ab Bench, Slant Board Review

FitFab Situp Bench Pro Adjustable Curved Sit Up Bench

GYM QUALITY Premium Adjustable Curved Sit Up Bench Crunch Board Ab Bench

The bright red and black FitFab Situp Bench Pro is a premium look and feel, gym grade, solid and sturdy, adjustable, versatile and multifunctional bench that is also called the incline and decline curved bench, ab bench, crunch board and slant board. Despite being promoted as a commercial gym quality unit, it is designed for at home and in the office use, rather than being used by tens of people all day at a gym. It has an ergonomic and innovative design and what makes it so solid and robust is the high strength steel, very thick curved backboard and the added backboard. The curved backboard will contribute to a better posture and less of lower back strain (reduced pressure and stress from your lower back), the high quality steel build is for extra durability and stability as the name suggests and the added backboard will prevent any shaking or tilting of the bench. You will find a reverse crunch handle that will help you have stronger upper core section. By using this curved sit-up bench regularly for performing a variety of abdominal exercises and eating well, you will start seeing the nicely shaped abs.

GYM QUALITY Premium Adjustable Curved Sit Up Bench Crunch Board Ab Bench Slant Board

The very sturdy FitFab Pro is 13 inches wide, has a total of four surrounding supporting steel tubs and three additional supporting steel tubs, as compared to the average of 12-inch width, single steel tub and three pieces of metal on some other sit-up benches on the market. This great quality bench will stay stable and safe, withstanding your difficult exercises every day, whether you will be doing crunches, twists, reverse crunches or just sit-ups. The padding on the bench is quite thick but comfortable as it is not super hard. You’ll find the double-supporting plugs and four adjustable incline positions for a variety of your exercises and the very long and lightweight yet solid the 4 inches thick PU leather wrapped roller pads with chrome end caps for a great comfy workout. You should start at a flatter angle and increase the angle slowly for more challenge. It is not just for your ab exercises either, as you can also use it for your dumbbell bench presses at a decline position. It is shipped in a large and solid box pretty quickly via and is simple enough to assemble in less than ten minutes or so with the clear assembly illustrations and tools included. Shipping weight is 27.4 pounds and the unit is both lightweight and compact enough to be kept in a convenient corner and can be pulled out for a quick session easily.

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