Fossil Q Founder Gen 1 Touchscreen Brown Leather Smartwatch Review

Fossil Q Founder Gen 1 Touch Brown Smartwatch

Fossil Q Founder Gen 1 Touch Brown Leather Smartwatch

Do you ever find your smartphone too mainstream? Maybe it has become too much of a  cliché to use the big screen for your daily life activities and notifications. What if I tell you that you can successfully transform your smartphone and put all its features into your daily watch? Yes, that is possible with the new “Fossil Q Founder Gen 1 Touchscreen Brown Leather Smartwatch”; a watch crafted with elegance and pure class.


Made of refined stainless steel, this 46 mm Smartwatch blends the best of both functionality and appearance, featuring a big digital display dial. The fashion statement stands out with the brown belt that it has, which is made of pure leather. The buckle closure ensures that the glass protecting the digital display is securely pinned down with the mainframe of the watch. The band straps can be changed and all Fossil straps of 22 mm are compatible with this Smartwatch. The face of the watch is also customizable, depending on either your mood or your fashion statement.

Technical Specifications

  • Compatibility is not the best feature of this watch, yet is enough to pair up with most of all the recent Android or iOS smartphones. Android version 4.4 and above are supported (KitKat) and iOS versions too are supported from 8.2 and up, which means it is compatible with all the versions of iPhone 5 and higher.
  • For those of you, who are running iOS version 10 and above (latest is 10.2), this requires the minimum version of your iOS to be 10.0.2 to be able to connect and pair with your phone. 
  • Fossil Q Founder Gen 1 Touchscreen Brown Leather SmartwatchLike your smartphone, this Smartwatch can display all your texts, missed call alerts, emails and even can help you reply to those messages and emails.
  • You can enable push notifications from your phone and directly review them from your watch, without even accessing your phone.
  • Apps are also supported, which means you can get all the essential apps right on your watch. No more need of taking out your phone to either track a number or open Maps to find a specific way.
  • The built-in GPS system allows the user to use maps through their watch. Powered and engineered by Intel innovation, this watch stands out from the rest.

Why use Fossil Q Founder Gen 1 Touchscreen Smartwatch

Fossil has always been generous enough to include only the best features in their watches and this watch is no exception. Easy to fit, stylish in its appearance and a boss in its function, this watch will make you forget to switch over to your smartphone. With very high build quality and a host of features, this is the go-to watch if you’re willing to make it big in your style statement.


  • Superb build quality with a premium finish
  • Can receive and read notifications for you
  • Customizable faces and leather straps for your style statement
  • Built-in GPS feature allows better access to navigation and maps
  • Supports most of the apps


  • Compatibility is an issue since it requires specific versions of platforms to connect
  • Not resistant to water


Undoubtedly, one of the most premium and classy smartwatches in the market, Fossil has always been on point when it comes to their watches. The Intel innovation once again shows why they are the best in business when it comes to electronic gadgets, by powering this outstanding watch.

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