Generic 48L 300 Capacity Electronic Cooler Humidor w/ Spanish Cedar Wood & Hygrometer Review

Generic 48L 300 Capacity Electronic Cooler Humidor

Generic 48L Cooler Humidor, Electronic Cooler

The number one new release Generic 48L Cooler Humidor we’re reviewing on this page today is an electronic unit with a 300 capacity and comes with the Spanish Cedar wood drawers and shelves.

The temperature in this modern electronic cooler humidor can be adjusted between 54 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit. The interior cabinet temperature is not affected by the outside conditions and you have a great storage space for both short-term and long-term storage. The Spanish cedar wood used on this cooler humidor has a special scent that will help with enhancing the aroma and taste and promote the aging of your cigars. Cedar wood is delicate and will absorb water easier, adjusting the cabinet humidity.

Cool air covers every inch of the interior and each item you have evenly with the 360-degree air circulating cooling system. The level of humidity is uniform and consistent at each layer and the humid air will not sink to the bottom. 65 to 75 percent of humidity is maintained with the closed-loop air circulation. It has the dual layer hollow tempered glass door on the cooler cabinet with the inner glass maintaining the temperature while the outer glass with good insulation stopping the harmful UV rays.

Generic 48L Cooler Humidor has a glass panel digital touch control panel at the top, that adds to the decor and is functional with a simple operation and there is a hygrometer that you see in the product photo in the middle. It weighs 33.29 pounds and measures 13.2 x 20 x 25.4 inches. There are three movable cedar wood shelves in this cooler humidor with a 300 items or 48-liter large capacity and will sense the cabinet humidity nicely. Please note that this cooler humidor is not for heating and just for cooling with a semiconductor refrigeration technology- Peltier Effect.

Generic 48L Cooler Humidor, Electronic Cooler 300 Capacity

Both the temperature you set it to and the outside ambient temperature affect the internal temperature. You can use it both in summer and winter, although it is better in summer and at 70 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit in winter it will be good too. And the humidity is influenced by the water box and the temperature inside and it is better if used with the humidity control packs.

The 48L Cooler Humidor works efficiently and quietly at a low noise level of 30 to 35 decibels without disturbing you or your family. There is a built-in LED light to show off your items nicely and to be able to pick a cigar without needing to open the door and has the Frequency Conversion Technology. This product is offered with a year of warranty by the manufacturer and comes with a pro customer support to help with any queries or questions you may have. It first became available on August 18, 2021 at and is ranked the 4th among the best seller freestanding wine cellars on the website.

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