SELL11-01, 3.1 cu.ft. Compact Fridge with 2 Doors Review

SELL11-01, 3.1 cu.ft. Compact Fridge with 2 Doors

SELL11 3.1 Cu.Ft Refrigerator 2 Doors, Compact Refrigerator

SELL11-01 is a 3.1 cubic feet capacity compact mini fridge freezer with two doors, a user-friendly shelf design, LED light inside that turns as you open the door, and manually adjustable control thermostat. It can be used in a variety of settings including home kitchens, office kitchens, garage, dorm rooms and bedrooms with its low noise compressor.

Silver SELL11 Fridge is compact with 7 shelves, weighs 49.6 pounds and measures 19.4 x 18.5 x 33 inches. This upright mini fridge has 7 temperature settings on its adjustable thermostat in the fridge compartment. The temperature range is between 33.8 (position 1) and 46.4 (position 7) degrees Fahrenheit for your different cooling needs for veggies, fruits, cheese, yogurt, water, beverages and other items. And the freezer works at -0.4 degrees Fahrenheit (-18°C).

This great energy efficient refrigerator consumes just 0.88KWH per day on average, less than normal and will add only about 38 dollars a year to your bill. The freezer has a 0.9 cubic feet capacity for an ample internal storage space for ice cream, meat or any frozen items. It will help keep your fruits and veggies fresh longer. It works efficiently and quietly with a modern compressor. It is great quality with a robust construction and durable with a tough transparent plastic shelves and metal double doors to prevent any scratches.

The total capacity is 3.1 cubic feet, which is 2.2 cu.ft. for the fridge section and 0.9 cu.ft. for the freezer. So it is a small fridge with a fairly large capacity and it will help keep any kind of food fresh. The stainless steel exterior of this fridge makes it match the other appliances in your kitchen or the decor in the room. There is a crisper drawer for your fruits or veggies, which isSELL11 3.1 Cu.Ft Refrigerator 2 Doors, Compact Fridge practical and will help keep those items in optimal conditions with less water loss. The life of the fridge is maintained over many long years of use, so is the outside appearance.

It is also easy to clean with a damp cloth and apple cider vinegar. The powerful and energy efficient R600a compressor is great quality and makes the fridge work quietly at a noise level of 37 decibels, without disturbing you or people in the house. It is offered with a two-year customer service for any problems you may have within this period. All these appliances go through strict testing and inspection before getting out of the factory. You can contact the customer support team with any of your queries and they will get back to you quickly as they work 24 hours and 7 days a week. It first became available at on August 10, 2021.

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