Gourmia GMC700 Supreme 8-in-1 Digital Multi-Function Cooker Review

Gourmia GMC700 Supreme 8-in-1 Cooker via Amazon

Gourmia GMC700 Supreme 8-in-1 Digital Multi-Function Cooker

You can make a variety of meals with the new versatile, sleek and modern Gourmia GMC700 Supreme with a 1500 watt power motor even if you are on a very busy schedule every day and don’t have the best kitchen tools. It is an 8 in 1 unit that you can fry, deep fry, roast, stew, boil, steam, grill and fondue (different cooking techniques in a single cooking appliance) in its 5.6 quart bowl and has a durable glass cover that lets you view what’s going on inside so you don’t have to open the lid letting the heat and flavours escape. It is fast and easy to use with a single push of a button on the Smart LCD display control panel you can choose from one of the 8 cooking modes, has a computer controlled heating element and there is no guess work on your side with 8 pre-programmed settings.

You can deep fry potatoes and fish, roast chicken and beef, prepare fondue sauces, make hot dogs, chicken or hamburgers, beautiful golden fries, slow cook chilis and stews, make stir fries, boil the rice, make fish and chips, use the roast function so you dont have to use your regular large oven and with custom time and temperature setting you may cook to your liking. The way it plugs in is quite different as the cord hooks to the wall and the cord will clip onto the magnetic area at the rear. It comes with a nice and instructive user manual even though everything is quite self explanatory with the easy to understand buttons, grill and steam racks and fry basket. You’ll see start/stop, function, keep warm, time temp, increase and decrease buttons and you can select one of the eight pre-programmed cooking modes of this 8-in-1 unit and the blue LCD display that shows the temperature (between 122 to 464 degrees Fahrenheit) and time (digital timer up to 10 hours) is very clear and easy to read. The detachable 5.5 quart size bowl has a non-stick coating so it is easy to clean and is aluminium die cast so distributes heat evenly. As it is an 8 in 1 unit you will not need different cooking appliances for each of these tasks and this will save you on space on your counter and will help you avoid clutter (great for smaller kitchens).

Gourmia GMC700 Supreme 8-in-1 Multi-Function Cooker

Gourmia GMC700 weighs 11.5 pounds (light and portable) and measures 15.8 x 14.3 x 11.3 inches- has a small footprint but is large enough inside (11 x 11 inches baking space and 10 x 10 inches roasting space) to make a meal for a few people and it is something you can comfortably use every day. You can either choose from one of the 8 pre-programmed cooking options or you can choose your own time and temperature and when the cooking task is completed, Gourmia Cooker will switch to the keep warm setting automatically and with the timer countdown on the blue LCD display, you will know in how many minutes it will be done. This is certainly not one of those all in one units that claim to do it all but is not good at any of them, this one seems to be great at all of those eight tasks and it even has markers for water level (boiling) and oil level (deep frying). As a small con, the pot doesn’t have cool to touch handles to help you lift it comfortably after you’re done with cooking so you need to wait until the cooker has cooled down so you can lift it. But otherwise it is a very solid heavy duty unit that is very versatile and functional and is easy on the eyes with its sleek and modern design. It scores 5 / 5 stars out of 24 customer reviews as of today and we highly recommended it to anyone- small or large families, young singles or people with kids.

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