Gourmia GSI200 Stainless Steel 1.6 Qt SleekServe Automatic Ice Cream Maker Review

Gourmia GSI200 SleekServe Ice Cream Maker via Amazon

Gourmia GSI200 Stainless Steel 1.6 Qt SleekServe Automatic Ice Cream Maker

Gourmia GSI200 is a 1.6 quart capacity compact, modern, high end, stainless steel, compressor style and efficient automatic ice cream maker with a powerful motor to let you make beautiful ice cream, sorbet, gelato and frozen yoghurt without artificial ingredients of the store bought variety in the comfort of your home and without needing any pre-frozen bowl or manual mixing as it comes with automatic mixing and churning feature. It is easy to operate with just three buttons for power, start / stop and timer (for up to 50 minutes) with lights for mixing and cooking. It makes ice cream making process quite easy and judging by the recent customer reviews it seems to do the job very efficiently and quickly as all you do is prepare your ice cream or sorbet recipe and pour it into the slot and in about 30 to 40 minutes you’ll get your ice cream ready and thickened with a beautiful creamy and rich texture every single time- consistently with the advanced churning technology. And if you’d like it to be thicker and more frozen then you will want to leave it longer. You can certainly use normal milk or coconut, almond or soy milk as well and it will still deliver good results. Just make sure you wash everything before you use it first time and it is simple to clean as you can simply put the smooth polished aluminium detachable bowl, lid and paddle into the dishwasher.

Gourmia GSI200 Stainless Steel 1.6 Qt Automatic Ice Cream Maker

Gourmia GSI200 Ice Cream Maker has a modern and sleek design with brushed stainless steel finish, weighs 24.8 pounds, measures 11.5 x 15 x 12 inches and has a 1.6 quart capacity (not too big and not too small and will still satisfy your sweet cravings very well), doesn’t occupy a lot of space on your counter and is very easy to store in your cupboard. It has an LCD digital touch display panel and an integrated compressor, durable build in stainless steel and smart operation to make ice cream very fast (all inclusive and automatic as there is no pre-freezing of canister or mixing by hand). You’ll find the Gourmia Ice Cream Maker, instructions manual with a basic recipe book of some easy recipes, a measuring cup and a scoop included in the box and you can experiment with the ice cream, sorbet or gelato recipes online, by just watching the measurement for this unit. You can set the timer and stop at any point you want, runs very quietly and when it stops running and you can’t get the ice cream straight away it will be kept cold for ten minutes and will do this up to an hour. It is interesting to read some of the customer comments claiming it to be the best ice cream they had in a while, and remember this is a lower priced unit than competitors and it is certainly much more economical to make many batches of ice cream with this and store them in your freezer than buying the store-bought stuff loaded with sugar and not so healthy additives or artificial flavours.

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