Great Northern Popcorn Company 6310 Flufftastic Table Top Electric Cotton Candy Machine – Floss Maker Review

Great Northern 6310 Flufftastic Cotton Candy Machine 

Great Northern Popcorn Company 6310 Flufftastic Table Top Electric Cotton Candy Machine

Great Northern Popcorn Company 6310 Flufftastic is the 2015 model commercial grade electric tabletop cotton candy and floss maker that works with 1000 watt heating element (110V) for high efficiency and decent performance, a large diameter stainless steel kettle and very current technology. It has a sleek and stylish antique style design that would attract customers or that would make it a hit at your party and looks nice light blue (more enhanced vibrant colours with better quality paint): So you have a combination of beautiful eclectic design and today’s modern technology and performance. With the long scoop included you can put sugar into the kettle easily without spilling on the counter or table and the metal bowl keeps the electrical wires away from your hands. It is not a belt driven machine, is quite easy to use as all you do is turn it on through the front On/Off switch and wait for the motor to warm up in a couple of minutes and it does a great job of producing cotton candy cone in half a minute, constantly and consistently and is easy to clean once you’re done with cotton candy making.

Great Northern Popcorn Company 6310 Flufftastic Table Top Cotton Candy Machine

Great Northern 6310 Flufftastic weighs 26 pounds and measures 13 x 13 x 11.5 inches, the large 20.5 inch diameter stainless steel kettle feels and looks premium, allows for more cotton candy making and is 30% thicker than other similar units. It has a solid and sturdy design and good craftsmanship, includes an integrated security fuse and is offered with a 12 month warranty by Great Northern Popcorn Company for when and if anything goes wrong and you need help. It is sent in a very big box and packed properly and safely with dual wall stock and additional packing. In the box you will find the main Flufftastic 6310 Cotton Candy Machine, a stainless steel kettle, a long stainless steel scoop and a user / instructions manual. It warms up pretty quickly, stabilizes power and hence saves on energy bills, is not loud- certainly quieter than some of the competitor models on the market. Flufftastic is labelled as commercial grade for its robust and solid build and great internal and external components but it doesn’t make cotton candy as fast as the large and expensive machines but is still a very nice one for the price and some customers claimed that this unit exceeded their expectations. Overall this is a very good value for money cotton candy maker.

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