Husqvarna Rotary Walk Behind Heavy Duty Lawn Mower, 22+MCUT.725S, Orange Review

Husqvarna Rotary Walk Behind Lawn Mower

Husqvarna Rotary Walk Behind Heavy Duty Lawn Mower 22+MCUT.725S

The Husqvarna Rotary 22+MCUT.725S is a great walk behind type, heavy duty, gas powered lawn mower for handling thick layers of grass and weed. The lawn mower is designed with a huge wheel that spans to 22-inch in width and has a complete all-wheel drive system as the lawn mower will make sure you have maximum control of the device. It will let you maneuver easily even on wet, uneven and slippery grounds and you will actually have the freedom to maneuver on slopes too!

The heavy duty and durable Husqvarna Rotary Walk Behind will basically give you the freedom to trim your lawn just the way you want. This is a three in one cutting device that supports discharging, mulching and bag collection. The lawnmower has a rather ergonomic design that lets you handle tasks in a much more comfortable manner. Husqvarna Rotary lawn mower is powerful enough to handle steep and uneven surfaces too. And the following are some of the interesting features found in very few lawn mowing devices: 

Husqvarna Rotary Walk Behind Heavy Duty Lawn Mower

  1. Husqvarna offers a cutting width of 22 inches.
  2. The walk behind heavy duty lawnmower is gas powered.
  3. The Briggs and Stratton engine is super powerful (175 cc).
  4. It offers three cutting systems, namely discharge, mulch, and bag.
  5. BioClip is a new feature in this lawnmower. It helps in mulching fertilizers, ejecting areas that are not cut frequently and collecting dirt from lawns.
  6. The handle is designed in quite an ergonomic way.

Husqvarna Rotary Walk Behind looks good in orange, has an ergonomic and modern design. It lets users cut at nine different heights and as mentioned by the enthusiastic lawn mowing users, this great product promises quality construction and sturdiness for longer life and durability. It is very easy to set up straight out of the box and is easy and safe to operate. The only drawback we can point out is the product is relatively expensive- as compared to competitors but seems to offer more in terms of features and build quality. Very rarely would you come across a lawnmower that is as efficient and classy in appearance as the Husqvarna MCUT.725S. And to summarize, there is no reason for you to not consider investing in this great walk behind lawn mower and without any need for any second thoughts. After a short assembly, you will get a lawnmower that works well on all kinds of surfaces.

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