I J Fitness Manual Treadmill Review

I J Fitness Manual Treadmill via Amazon

I J Fitness Manual Treadmill

This is a basic budget manual treadmill by I J Fitness for a great overall cardio exercise with a robust and sturdy frame, a flywheel for smooth and quiet operation, a compact and foldable and space saving design that lets it folded in a vertical position to be stored away easily and conveniently. Manual operation or manually powered means it will work with the power of your legs and feet at an incline position- your feet act against the walking deck to move the exercise belt. It is simple to assemble with the instructions provided in the package and you can begin walking or jogging in the comfort of your living room, so you do not have to get out and about in cold or very hot sun or have to join a gym if you will not be lifting weights etc. Walking on this treadmill is perfectly fine if what you want is to burn calories and fat, lose weight, tone muscles, keep in shape or be healthier and this can be a decent way of achieving your daily regular exercise routine. It is cheaper to maintain the manually powered treadmill than an electric unit as there is no motor to maintain or any electricity expenses.

I J Fitness Treadmill

The little LCD display panel is battery powered with batteries provided in the package and you will be able to monitor your fitness progress with indicators for calories burned, time exercised, distance travelled and speed but no pulse rate monitor. And when your workout is over you can simply lock it in a vertical / upright position and put it in a convenient part of your room till the next day or your following exercise session. With such a manually powered treadmill, you save on energy bills but you also don’t need the treadmill placed near a power outlet at all times. It is also safer to use than a motorised treadmill and you will not need to use or wear a security cord to stop it if you fall off as it will stop when your legs stop- which works kind of like a built-in security feature, and better to use if you have pets and small children around but it will also be harder to first get the belt moving with perhaps a little more stress on your knees and it will be at an incline position at all times and not flat so you will be walking or jogging uphill. This is a basic treadmill with no alterations to the incline level and there are no controls for speed and it will go at the speed of your legs, which will actually make you burn more calories by putting in more effort.

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