Swing Type 700g Stainless Steel Large-scale Grains and Food Mill, Pulveriser Review

FDV Swing Type Stainless Steel Grains & Food Mill via Amazon

Swing Type Large-scale 700g Stainless Steel Grains Food Mill Major Grinding Machine

Here is a swing type 700g capacity stainless steel large grain mill and food pulveriser (also called FDV) with a powerful 2500 watt power motor that can grind a variety of dry ingredients like herbs, spices, beans, grains, peanuts, Chinese herbal medicine stuff, pearl and stones. It is offered in 110 volt format for North American users and 220V for non-US customers, with the very strict CCC- China Compulsory Certificate so it meets certain security standards and no security hazards and includes the stainless steel food grade test report so you can purchase it with a peace of mind. Top grade large 2500W motor is equal to a grinding capacity of 700 grams or approximately 25 ounces and at 36000rpm rotating speed and can be used non-stop for up to 30 minutes. Apart from food grinding of a variety of grains and other dry ingredients it can be used for medical research purposes including ophtalmology, surgery, internal stuff and dermatology. It is not heavy despite being stainless steel, is fairly compact in size and won’t occupy a lot of space, has a very powerful motor combining the functionalities of grinder and pulveriser, is easy to run and is designed to reduce waste.

Swing Type Large-scale 700g Stainless Steel Grains Food Mill

To operate, just make sure the ingredients should all be dry without any grease or moisture and should not go over 50 percent of the groove. If you hear a buzz and motor is not running due to blade being stuck by the ingredients when you first turn the unit on, please turn it off straight away, clear the way and restart it after checking the fuse. If you sense the motor is not running at any time you need to turn off the power supply straight away. Please make sure you do not open the top lid / cover when it is on and most certainly not put your hands in there. Although the continuous running time is specified as half an hour, is better to not run it non-stop especially when you’re processing tough ingredients, but having little breaks will help with the longevity and durability of this unit. Do not wash it under running water but use a brush or a piece of cloth instead. It is a very good quality- durable (made to last for a very long time), powerful, versatile and functional all stainless steel grain mill that is made in China so it doesn’t include an English manual just yet according to product information on Amazon.com but is apparently quite easy to set up and operate.

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