Instant Pot Accu SV800 Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Review

Instant Pot Accu SV800 Sous Vide Immersion Circulator


Instant Pot Accu SV800 is an 800 watt power, easy to operate and versatile sous vide immersion circulator that is compact and modern with a simple, brand new design in stainless steel with rubber coated handle so you don’t burn yourself and a smart touch digital display. As you may be aware of sous vide cooking (water bath) method that has been quite popular in good restaurants over the last few years, this great new Instant Pot Accu will help you have restaurant quality, very tasty and nutritious gourmet meals in your own home kitchen. It is suitable for use in any container that is over 9 inches tall, and with both 8 quart and 6-quart inner pots as it attaches nicely to the side with the stainless steel clamp that is conveniently adjustable and you can easily make large meals like whole chicken or bigger cuts of meat with it. Instant Pot Accu SV800 is lightweight and compact- weighs only 1.7 pounds and measures 3.5 x 3.5 x 15 inches, has a safe feeling stand up design on its stainless steel skirt.

You will see the indicators on the touch LCD panel with bright and easy to read numbers in the dark or light but please remove the plastic cover when you first use it. It will cook slowly and precisely between the temperatures of 104 to 194 degrees Fahrenheit (1-degree increments of temperature adjustments) with an accuracy of 0.4°F (or 0.2 Celcius) for up to 72 hours (from 10 minutes)- over a long time and very quietly. There is no special cleaning required as you will just air dry the stainless steel part and wipe clean the rest. It has a very quiet yet powerful 800W motor that helps the circulator run smoothly and efficiently with at super accurate temperatures and without disturbing people in the house. The Canadian-based Instant Pot is well known for their good quality, solid, reliable, easy to use, convenient, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and functional products, especially the pressure cookers, and all these points are valid for the brand new Accu SV800, that is quite an outstanding value product, judging by the reviews.


It will give you perfectly tenderised and cooked delicious and healthy meals consistently with an active pump system circulating water evenly and heating uniformly, without you having to do much except for vacuum sealing the ingredients (or putting in food grade freezer bags), clamping the circulator to the side and turning it on- taking the hassle out of gourmet meals. Especially the steak tastes divine with the water bath method and you just have to take your steak out after cooking for up to 3-4 hours and searing on both sides. Try not to use too much water- not more than five gallons and although your meal can stay in water for a very long time, the texture will change and you’ll no longer have that awesome tasting and looking gourmet meal.You will find a handy time and temperature chart on the user manual and it comes with a year of warranty by the manufacturer- Instant Pot and you have thirty days to register for warranty. You have the Instant Pot standard of quality here, just like in their famous electric pressure cookers so you can be certain you’re getting a very decent, well-built and high-performance product at a good price.

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