Ninja Coffee Bar Thermal Carafe System (CF097) Review

Ninja Coffee Bar Thermal Carafe System (CF097)

Ninja Coffee Bar Thermal Carafe System (CF097)

Ninja Coffee Bar (CF097) is the brand new, great quality “thermal carafe” coffee maker with the latest Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence and Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology, that offers both glass carafe and pod-free single serve. You’re given three custom brew options of rich, classic and over ice and cafe forte and specialty as signature brews. It comes with the Ninja XL Hot and Cold Multi-Serve Tumbler and you can brew coffee for 6 different custom sizes of full carafe, half carafe, XL multi-serve, XL cup, travel mug and standard cup, through the conveniently placed buttons on the right-hand side. You’ll also find an integrated frother- like an arm that comes out on the left to help you froth your milk- cold or hot.

So you can make different types of coffee by using your creativity and the custom buttons and the taste of coffee is reported to be pretty good: Hot up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit, great-tasting and as strong or weak as you want. With the special extraction technology, you will actually get much more flavour from the same type of coffee grounds you normally use. The two signature brew choices: Specialty brew offers very rich concentration and cafe forte offers full-bodied coffee. The new Ninja Coffee Bar has a modern design- is easy on the eyes, weighs 15.1 pounds and measures 15 x 15.3 x 16.3 inches- will have a  fixed spot and you will want to show it off on your counter. One of the customers commented that the manual is not the best and lacks the clear information they need to operate it, but it actually comes with a great coloured catalogue that includes instructions to make different beverages and is all a bit of common sense with the buttons clearly marked. Classic brew means light, rich brew is medium and over ice is long brew.

Ninja Coffee Bar Thermal Carafe System

You’ll use a pitcher for your iced coffee and carafe for the hot and whether hot or cold, you’ll taste all the rich flavours. It will cater for different coffee needs- espresso, flavoured or black, classic, rich or over ice, you can choose by just pressing buttons. You’ll just put water in the water tank, choose the side of your beverage and the right amount of water will come out and you will use the single-serve scoop, not coffee pods and so you have the right amount in and will work out much cheaper than pods. It also includes an integrated permanent filter and you do not need to pay for paper filters. There is no built-in warmer or keep warm function but the metal carafe will keep your coffee warm for you. Ninja Coffee Bar is not a particularly cheap coffee maker- is a bit pricey but will save you money over time as you will not be paying for good coffee from the coffee shop. Even very low-quality coffee will taste good out of this machine, with all the flavours extracted. You may be familiar with the Ninja brand from SharkNinja’s top performing- functional, sturdy and practical food processors and other kitchen appliances with innovative design and you can certainly trust this very well designed and solid coffee machine too.

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