Koblenz 4-Bottle Free Standing Single Zone Wine Cooler, EVFK-04 Review

Koblenz 4-Bottle Free Standing Single Zone Wine Cooler, EVFK-04

Koblenz 4-Bottle Free Standing Single Zone Fridge

Koblenz EVFK-04 is a 4-bottle capacity freestanding design thermoelectric wine fridge or cooler with a single zone, a digital temp display control panel, interior lighting and a stainless steel handle. The average user rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars by 46 customers at the time of this product review as a popular wine fridge at Amazon.com.

Black Koblenz 4-Bottle Wine Chiller weighs 19.8 pounds and measures 20.48 x 6.89 x 17.92 inches. It has a 4-bottle capacity for 750ml Bordeaux type bottles. With the thermoelectric cooling on this wine cooler the temperature is kept stable overall to help your wine tasting fine over time. The digital LED-backlit temperature display has the touch controls of Temperature Up and Down and Light buttons. The lowest temperature it will go down to is 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

Being a thermoelectric cooler it works quietly because of the lack of a compressor that does cycles. It has the stainless steel handle that you see in the product photo and can be a little tricky to attach at first. The fridge sealer is where you put the handle screws. And you need to move the part of the seal where screw goes in to the side. The holes are located below the seal and just turn the screwdriver as you hold the Koblenz 4-Bottle Free Standing Single Zone Cooler seal. You do not need to worry as the seal will go right on the screw and cover it up totally. The shelves are adjustable if you want to put larger or different shaped bottles.

Koblenz 4-Bottle Wine Cooler has the 120V of voltage and can be plugged into any US power outlets. It is a freestanding or standalone type wine cooler but you can also install it under the counter as long as the measurements are fine. But please note that these measurements do not include the feet, which are not removable. So it is best that you check the measurements carefully before you order this mini wine chiller. And to return it you’d need to pay for shipping it back which can cost quite a bit. Please note that it is not suitable for use in the garage, but does not generate much heat through the back either. You can’t use it on its side because of the shelf design and the way the door opens. March 3, 2020 is the date it was first available at Amazon.com and is currently ranked the 40th best selling freestanding wine cooler chiller on the website.

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