Magic Mill Programmable Multi-function Electric Pressure Cooker Review

Magic Mill Programmable Multi-function Pressure Cooker 

Magic Mill Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker

Magic Mill Pressure Cooker is a 1400 watt stainless steel multifunctional cooker with a 10 quart (8 quart and 12 quart options available) capacity that can cook, slow cook, sauté, simmer, braise and stew and comes measuring cup with spoon and a steam rack. You will be able to cook very quickly with its double pressure modes that let you complete the cooking in 30% of the time and after it is done it will go directly into keep warm mode automatically and the ingredients will not be overcooked. You can put the ingredients in the pot up to 24 hours in advance with the delay timer so you can put the ingredients in before you go to work, set the timer to start it when you’re at work so your dinner will be waiting for you when you get home hungry. In case of power cuts, thanks to the microprocessor the cooker memory will make it restart after renewing the cycle wherever it left off. You will see Preset Time, Soup, Meat, Poultry, Steam, Saute, Slow Cook, Dessert, Beans, Porridge, Rice, Warm Cancel buttons as well as the – and + for Pressure Cook Time. You will be able to cook nice and healthy meals in a short time and you will be saving on both time and money. You will also save on space as you will not need different items or pots for preparing or cooking dinner. Magic Mill weighs 19.8 pounds and measures 17.4 x 15.7 x 15.5 inches, has a modern design with a commercial look in stainless steel and will be good on any kitchen counter.

Magic Mill Programmable Pressure Cooker

It is quite simple to operate with the LED display and easy touch buttons at the front, the countdown timer that shows you when it will be done, delay timer up to 24 hours and default time for less than 6 cups and the microprocessor memory and there won’t be heat build-up in your kitchen thanks to the tight seal on top- extra rubber seal ring. It has a stainless steel base and as a security feature lid will stay shut unless the pressure is released, unlike with older type pressure cookers that your mum may have had. You may choose to brown the ingredients prior to closing the lid and pressure cooking them. There is a rice button on the panel and it acts as a great rice cooker with rice turning out just right. 10 quart non-stick inner pot is quite big and you can choose either the 8qt or 12qt models as well and you can prepare and cook different types of meals of vegetables, meat, rice, pasta, stew, soup and others by just pressing some buttons as it is mostly automatic and the unit runs very well but the instructions are not the best on the manual (according to a couple of customers) provided and it is mostly common sense and it will make your life much easier in the kitchen, especially for those with not much chef abilities. It is very easy to clean as you can just wipe the exterior with a damp cloth and the inner pot with water and soap in the sink. Great value for money with very positive reviews by customers on

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