Topeakmart Gravity Inversion Padded Table with Padded Back Rest Review

Topeakmart Gravity Inversion Padded Table

Topeakmart Gravity Inversion Padded Table

Topeakmart Inversion Table is a solid and robust heavy duty unit for gravity inversion therapy by for a proper 180 degree inversion to help reduce back and neck pain at a low price, with nice features like the properly padded backrest for your comfort, easy to hold handlebars and padded ankle clamps as support and security, the heavy duty steel non-rocking frame and anti-slip feet for you to feel safe and stable when you’re inverting. Reported benefits include the enhanced blood circulation, getting rid of neck and back pain, decompressing spinal discs, combatting fatigue caused by compression, improving the flexibility of your body and helping with proper posture. Like most health and fitness equipments online it is not shipped completely assembled but you will find the instructions and basic tools included in the package. Topeakmart Inversion Table is made of PU leather and carbon steel, has a sleek, modern ergonomic design with black upholstery, weighs 44 pounds (it may be a little hard to move on your own), has a maximum user weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, and measures 45.3 x 27.4 x 58.7 inches with a 41.3 x 12.2 inches.

Topeakmart Gravity Inversion Table

It can be adjusted for height between 59 and 78 inches with easy to use height adjustments with levels marked clearly for a great fit for just about any user and with its conveniently foldable design you can fold it easily to  lean it against the wall or put in your closet. Your body is locked safely onto the unit and will be released easily when the session is over and long handles will help you invert easily and go back to the starting upright position easily. There is a separate headrest but is not really the sort that you see on very expensive inversion tables and there is no separate lower back support cushion or lumbar pad or the other bells and whistles you may see elsewhere but is comfortable overall with nice padding all over on the backrest, handrails and foam roller ankle clamps, they are all soft to touch and will make you feel both safe and comfy. This is quite a decent product at such low price and the instructions could perhaps be better, then it is all fine as long as you’re not expecting the extra features you may or may not need on those that cost hundreds, this model is much cheaper than most inversion tables and is worth the money.

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