Midea My-ss5062 Programmable Pressure Cooker Review

Midea My-ss5062 Programmable Pressure Cooker via Amazon

Midea My-ss5062 Programmable Pressure Cooker

Midea My-ss5062 is a 5 liter capacity modern and easy to use- programmable, energy efficient pressure cooker with a 900 watt power (120 volts and 60 Hertz) motor, current modern design with a large easy to read LCD display at the front, various security features as a ULC and UL certified unit, a stainless steel cooking pot (no non-stick surface but is definitely healthier), automatic “Keep Warm” function and a 24 hour delay timer for a bit of flexibility to your meal planning, 14 pre-programmed menu choices for whatever meal you wish to make, different electronic controls and the Menu Shuffle. You can set your own pressure holding time and cooking time, so the unit is pretty much totally customisable. In the package you will get the Midea Pressure Cooker, stainless steel pot, measuring cup, multi-purpose spoon, steamer rack, User Manual with recipe booklet (this is a made in China product with a Chinese booklet as far as we’re aware). It is easy to clean as the inner stainless steel pot is dishwasher safe (all accessories including the pot are easy to remove) and the exterior can be wiped clean. It looks good in black and silver, has a beautiful modern design, weighs 16.9 pounds with measurements of 10.4 x 11 x 11.4 inches and it looks like something you may want to keep on your kitchen counter.

Midea My-ss5062 Programmable Pressure Cooker

To the left of the blue LED-backlit display you’ll see the Keep Warm/Cancel, Preset and + and – buttons and rice, fast cook, congee, baby food, steam, brown porridge and brown rice options, then the Menu dial and on the right you’ll see Texture, On-demand Pressure, Pressure Adjust and Start buttons and soup, broth, fish, meat, beans, beef/mutton and stew options so as you can tell this is not just a pressure cooker but also a steamer, a rice cooker (with a maximum capacity of 8 to 10 cups) and a stew pot as well- a versatile multi-functional cooker. You can choose from the two cooking modes of manual and programmable and when you select the “Programmable” you’ll just turn the dial to get to an option like “Steam” and if you press the “Texture” button you can select from the standard, strong and light for whatever you need. You will find the other easy ways of using these buttons to get the job done. With the 24-hour delay timer option you can start cooking at any time of the day and once it is cooked it will automatically switch to “Keep Warm”. Different levels of pressure can be adjusted by changing levels of texture- strong, standard and light or the pressure adjust button. Not many customer reviews at the moment but appears to be a promising multifunctional pressure cooker with very modern and user friendly features.

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