N\C Folding Treadmill with 1.5HP Motor & 3 Levels Manual Incline Review

N\C Folding Treadmill with 1.5 HP Motor & 3 Levels Incline

N-C Folding Treadmill Running Machine 1.5HP 3 Incline

N\C Folding Treadmill is a walking, jogging or running fitness machine with a 1.5 horsepower motor, 3 levels of incline that you can adjust manually and 17-inch wide tread belt. It can be assembled easily for use at home.

Black N/C Foldable Treadmill with 1.5HP Motor weighs 77 pounds (gross) and measures 51 L x 26.4 W x 48.6 H inches as assembled and has a 17W” x 43L” tread belt. The total maximum user weight capacity is specified as 220 pounds or 100kg.This folding treadmill is shipped almost assembled and you can complete the rest in 15 minutes or so. Rubber material is used on this treadmill with a solid steel frame. With the 110V of output power it can be plugged into standard US outlets.

You have the heart rate sensors on the handles that are connected to the LCD display and you can get an accurate heart rate reading for staying in your target heart rate zone and burning calories eficiently. You may also Start, Stop and adjust the speed through the armrest of this treadmill. You can see your workout stats like the calories burned, distance traveled, current speed, time exercised and pulse rate. It comes with a small smartphone holder just below the LCD monitor and you can put your cellphone to watch videos, listen to music and be able to train longer and burn more calories.

You also have the small cup holders on both sides. You can fold and unfold this home treadmill easily by using the hydraulic lever without damaging your floors. It can be folded and moved easily on its transport wheels to be stored in a convenient spot, wherever you want. This treadmill offers a great low impact workout without being a burden on your joints, knees, ankles, hips and lower back with the multiple layers on the shock absorbing double deck tread belt. And you have a rather safe and solid running belt. You have the silicone braking system on the bottom layer that helps absorb shock.

There are 12 preset training modes and the 3 manual incline levels and you can adjust the time, speed and mileage to what you need and physical conditions. You can change the manual incline level by adjusting the base. 17 inch wide tread belt is good for jogging or running comfortably. And people of different sizes can use it comfortably as long as they do not weigh moreN-C Folding Treadmill 1.5HP 8 Incline than 220 pounds. This is not an expensive treadmill and it is best you don’t push it too hard. You can run smoothly and quietly up to 7.5mph speed thanks to its 1.5 horsepower motor with the noise reduction system. The noise level will be less than 60 decibels.

In the box you will find the treadmill with the tools and accessories and a user manual. You can use iFit software on your own tablet and you can run outdoors in any part of the world and the speed and the incline levels will be adjusted automatically as you walk or jog. N/C Folding Treadmill is a well constructed fitness machine and if you find that it is making squeaky noises you can check the oil, and add some more. July 27, 2021 is the date it first became available at Amazon.com and there is a single 5-star rating at the moment for this number one new release treadmill. And it is currently the 4th best selling treadmill on the website.

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