NewAir WAT30B Pure Spring BPA Free Hot & Cold Water Dispenser Review

NewAir WAT30B Pure Spring BPA Free Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

NewAir WAT30B Pure Spring BPA Free Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

NewAir WAT30B “Pure Spring” is the new BPA-free hot and cold water dispenser that offers an easy and convenient way to let you have access to icy cold and very hot water 24 hours a day at home or office. You will just plug the unit in and load the water bottle on top and water will drain slowly into the water tank with no leaking at all and you will see air bubbles going up into the bottle while the water tank is being filled and when you see the bubbles stop, you can start dispensing water (hot water tank is 0.26 gallons and cold water tank has 0.8 gallons capacity). Splash guard with the bottle spike is included so that there won’t be any spilling or leaking when you load the bottle. Spike punctures a hole on the bottle cap so the water stays in the bottle until you insert it completely into the cooler. You will get clean, crisp, safe and nice tasting drinking water at all times thanks to being cooled or heated in the good quality stainless steel water reservoir that is also resistant to corrosion and rust by using a power-efficient compressor. Water is hot enough for tea and coffee at 185 degrees Fahrenheit and is very cool and refreshing at 39 degrees for even those hot summer days and you can also choose to get water at room temperature. The drip tray underneath- eight inches below the nozzles (low enough to have standard glasses and cups on) helps prevent dribbling onto the floor, is detachable and can be cleaned easily either by hand or is safe to be put in dishwasher. The unit is made of 100% BPA free materials so you will get safe, healthy and pure water at all times.

NewAir WAT30B Pure Spring BPA Free Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

Polished black with silver highlights NewAir Water Dispenser weighs 35 pounds and measures 12.2 x 14.2 x 39.5 inches (58.5 with a bottle on top), lightweight and will fit anywhere easily with its contoured slim design (just put in the corner of your kitchen easily). The synthetic organic BPA is often used to make some types of plastic more solid and if BPA is used in water coolers it can infiltrate into water and affect your health. NewAir is a well known brand for water coolers and makes great products of high quality components, that are safe. There is a child-safe lock for security on the hot water faucet for the safety of your little kids as the water is dispensed at very high temperature. It is an Energy Star qualified and UL and NSP approved water cooler that is a proof of its power efficiency (less electricity usage, cutting your bills and saving you some money over time) and safe and solid build with very little maintenance required- to be cleaned 4 times a year to avoid hard minerals accumulating (run water and vinegar mix through the unit and wipe the exterior with soft cloth, water and soap. You can use the on and off switch for both cold and hot water and you can choose to turn this off so that you can save money by using less energy. There is also storage section at the bottom of the water cooler that looks like a fridge (but ain’t) and you can keep your glasses and cups there.. Great value for money!

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