OASD Built-in 12″x20″ Stainless Steel Gas Stove Cooktop Gas Hob Review

OASD Built-in 12″x20″ Stainless Steel Gas Stove Cooktop

OASD Built in Gas Cooktop 12x20

Stainless steel OASD Built in Gas Cooktop is a gas hob with the liquid propane conversion kit with the thermocouple protection. This 12″ x 20″ built-in gas cooker has the cutout size of 11.2W x 18.5H inches. You can easily install it with natural gas as it comes with the liquefied gas conversion kit for LPG and LNG.

It has the preset liquefied petroleum gas nozzles and you can swap them with different nozzles. The total power on these high power burners is 7847 BTU- 1.0kW/3412 BTU on the 55mm auxiliary burner and a 3.3kW/4435 BTU on the 130mm triple ring wok burner. So you can expect powerful fire power for quicker cooking and to save on time. When the thermocouple flameout fault system detects no flame, it turns off the gas automatically to prevent any gas leaking.

The enclosed chassis on the gas cooktop doesn’t allow any airflow that can potentially influence the combustion stability. It is totally painted and resistant to rust, corrosion and oxidation. OASD Built-in Gas Cooktop is made of stainless steel and cast iron and is easy on the eyes with its modern design. It weighs 14.32 pounds and measures 22.3 x 15.1 x 6.8 inches. With the cast iron grille and solid bakelite knob on the beautiful stainless steel top you can clean and maintain this gas cooktop easily.

You need to plug it in to a standard outlet for the electric ignition (110V, 60Hz) to work. It can be ignited very quickly without any need for waiting. You have the porcelain enamel grates, iron enamel burnercaps and die-cast aluminum firearm on the stainless steel gas stovetop. It is sturdy and durable and you can expect many long years of use out of it. You can  OASD Built in Gas Cooktopalso use it without electricity- ignite it with a lighter. This built-in cooktop can be used with propane gas as the nozzles below each burner have smaller holes in the center.

For the natural gas, the center nozzles below the burners will need to be removed and replaced with the natural gas nozzles as they are bigger in the middle. They can be found in the box this gas cooktop is sent in. It is easy to set up with the attachments for both the natural gas and propane included and works as promised. The gas cooktop is connected to the half an inch gas pipe threads. Fitting can be found in the box for a flexible hose and the flame doesn’t need any adjusting. You can totally do it yourself with the tool- socket wrench included.

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