Oraimo Countertop Self-Cleaning Nugget Ice Maker, 37 lbs/Day, OIM-512A Review

Oraimo Countertop Self-Cleaning Nugget Ice Maker OIM-512A

Oraimo Nugget Ice Maker 512A, Ice Makers Countertop, 37 lbs:Day

The Oraimo Nugget Ice Maker 512A, is a countertop gem that will enhance your ice-making experience. With a high score of 4.7 stars on Amazon, this ice maker is a useful combination of features that ups the ante on your chilling experience. From its useful delivery of Nugget Ice (a reasonable 37 pounds a day) to its subtle, small design and automatic cleaning feature for easy maintenance, this appliance has everything. Simple explanations of what makes the Oraimo 512A an ideal choice for people who wish to improve their ice game are provided. Let’s examine the simple but useful features that make this ice maker unique.

The Oraimo Nugget Ice Experience:

Nugget Ice—sometimes referred to as pebble Ice or sonic Ice—isn’t your typical frozen water. It’s the kind of ice that makes you want to eat and crunch, making your favorite drinks even more enjoyable. Those who are sick of driving to chain stores to satisfy their craving for crunchy ice may now enjoy 37 pounds of Nugget Ice each day thanks to the Oraimo 512A, which brings this experience home.

Compact Yet Mighty:

The Oraimo Mini Nugget Ice Maker, with dimensions of just 12.8 inches in diameter, 9.57 inches in width, and 14.9 inches in height, defies expectations by producing a large amount of ice every day despite its compact size. This implies that you won’t have to give up useful countertop space to indulge in the luxury of tooth-friendly nugget ice. It saves room and is a useful addition to any home, RV, patio, outdoor gathering, or basement bar. It’s more than simply an appliance.

Automatic Cleaning for Freshness:

In order to guarantee that the pebble ice stays delicious and fresh, Oraimo has included an automated cleaning function. Your ice remains spotless thanks to this self-cleaning feature, which is activated by just pressing the “CLEAN” button for three seconds. Moreover, the 512A includes a 14-foot drain line that saves you the trouble of having to lift a bulky machine to empty the water. This well-thought-out design guarantees simple and convenient upkeep.

User-Friendly Operation:

One of the main advantages of the Oraimo Ice Maker 512A is its ease of use. An easy-to-use Start/Stop button allows you to quickly get the ice manufacturing process going. The operation is hassle-free since the display symbols are understandable and simple to use. Concerned about post-purchase assistance? Do not be alarmed! For the 512A, Oraimo provides a year of after-sales care, guaranteeing worry-free ice-chewing.

From the Makers of Oraimo: Exploring the Brand’s Journey:

Let’s take time to learn about the Oraimo brand, which is the inspiration behind the 512A, before delving further into the Nugget Ice universe. Oraimo was founded in May 2013 with the goal of developing something unique that can transform lives, not merely making stuff. Oraimo began its journey with the goal of improving lives, first concentrating on home-use Nugget Ice Making. The Oraimo Nugget Ice Maker 512A was developed as a result of the brand’s exploratory spirit and dedication to change.

Important Pre-Use Tips: Oraimo Nugget Ice Maker 512A, Ice Makers Countertop

Here are some essential pointers from Oraimo before you set out on your Nugget Ice adventure:

  1. Read the user manual before use.
  2. Before using it for the first time, let the ice maker stand upright for at least two hours to allow the refrigerant fluid to settle.
  3. The machine will automatically perform an 8-minute self-cleaning cycle at initial plug-in.

Water Refill Considerations:

It is advised to use soft water (distilled or purified water) or to link the ice maker to a water filtration system for best results and extended service life. This minor but crucial feature makes sure your countertop ice maker lasts a long time.

Cleaning Routine for Freshness:

To maintain the freshness of your nugget ice, Oraimo advises a weekly self-cleaning procedure. Your pebble ice will continue to taste delicious for eight minutes after just three seconds of pressing the “CLEAN” button.

User Feedback:

Customers who have used the Oraimo Nugget Ice Maker 512A are raving about it and how it has improved their ice game. A reviewer noted how much convenience this product provided and expressed relief from the difficulty of using traditional ice cube trays. With the Oraimo 512A, the user’s refrigerator’s absence of an ice maker was resolved. The self-cleaning feature and user-friendly design were highly appreciated, as they made the process of producing ice very simple. The final flourish? The ice’s delightfully chewable texture offers customers a fresh and entertaining experience.

Another customer pointed out the product’s marginally higher price tag in comparison to other options on the market, even though they acknowledged the effective ice production and the small form that neatly fits into an RV. Despite this issue, the reviewer recognized the machine’s tiny profile and speedy ice-producing capability, making it a beneficial addition, especially for RV enthusiasts who need quick and sufficient ice. Though the cost was mentioned as a minor downside, the functionality and the ability to connect to a hard line for water supply added to the overall good experience.


The Oraimo Nugget Ice Maker 512A is a significant player in the home ice-making market that leaves a good impression on users. This countertop ice machine goes beyond the limitations of conventional ice-making techniques, as the evaluations indicate. Its self-cleaning feature, ease of use, and overall convenience are highly praised by users. For those who own an Oraimo 512A, the lack of an integrated refrigerator ice maker becomes insignificant, providing a reliable answer to the never-ending search for high-quality ice.

Although a few individuals voice minor concerns regarding the pricing point, the general consensus is overwhelmingly favorable. The device’s quick ice production, lightweight construction, and easy RV connection to a water supply line provide features that cater to a variety of user requirements. For those who like the enjoyment of tooth-friendly, chewable ice, the Oraimo Nugget Ice Maker 512A is more than simply an appliance—it’s a game-changer. To sum up, the Oraimo 512A is more than just an ice maker; it’s an upgrade for any house, recreational vehicle, or area that longs for the delight of pebble ice.

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