Primo Top-Load Water Cooler 900127 Review

Stainless Steel / Black Primo 900127 Top-Load Water Cooler 

Primo Top Loader Water Cooler

Black and silver Primo 900127 is a top loading designer style stainless steel water cooler with high-flow mechanism that will give you safe, fresh, cold or hot water instantly, using less power than other similar brands. Although it is a top-load cooler you will be able to place the bottle on top without any water leaking thanks to the leak protection and spill-proof bottle reservoir. It comes with a handy LED nightlight at the front with a switch at the back so you can dispense water conveniently in dim light. As an Energy Star qualified product it is designed to use less energy than the regular water dispensers (preventing greenhouse gas emissions) but can still deliver very cold water in half the time. There is a switch at the back for the hot and cold water reservoir so you can turn it on and off to save on energy usage and for security reasons if you have your kids around as you also have a child security pin just on the hot water button. There are three water temperature options of very cold (not icy cold though), very hot (near boiling) and at room temperature.

Primo Top Loader Water Cooler

Primo Water Cooler has the stainless steel front bottom and black upper sections, push buttons for easy control and a dishwasher safe drip tray, would look good in any kitchen- matching your other stainless appliances (black also blends well with whatever you have in the kitchen), weighs a bit over 34 pounds and measures 41.6 x 15 x 15 inches and will fit in a corner conveniently or out in the middle as it has a beautiful appearance. You can use the rectangular and round 3, 4, 5 or 5.2 gallon bottles on top. It is simple to set up straight out of the box, works quietly and produces very cold or very hot water much quicker than other competitor models and the room temperature is a little cooler than room temp. It is easy to clean and the exterior should be wiped with a cloth that would not scratch the surface using only soap and warm water, the drip tray is safe to be put in dishwasher and the interior- tanks and lines must be sanitised three to four times per year to avoid mineral accumulation in the water reservoirs. If anything on the unit is not working as you were expecting, please read the user manual and check the switch buttons at the back. Overall this is a great water cooler that you can use every day and that will make you and people in your house drink more water.

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